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10 Secrets To Being Insanely Successful

Everyone has within them the desire and the means to make life a masterpiece, it maybe hidden in the recesses of their soul or buried amongst the pain of living an existence but it is there waiting to be discovered. The challenge for a lot of people is that they prefer security over the unknown … Read more

Are Blogs Dying?

The state of the blog in a world where Facebook has become the most popular website real estate in the world, raises the question “Is the humble blog on a path to a quiet extinction at the hands of the social media juggernaut?” Facebook has certainly motivated some casual hobbyist bloggers to desert the blog … Read more

69 Secret Tips To Make Your Blog Rock

I spent an inspiring  afternoon with Charles of Cubic Promote who is one of my clients and we discussed how he could optimize his social media marketing including his blog. He is one very savvy businessman and is using his 23 blogs to optimize his website for search engines in ways that are producing top … Read more

The 10 Secrets Of A Successful Social Media Blog

It was about a year ago and I noticed a rather quirky social media blog with a good selection of key words in its title  called the ” Social Media Examiner”. It was late last week and an article in the worlds largest blog the Huffington Post featured an interview with the founder of that … Read more

How To Increase Your Blog’s Email Subscribers by 1,833%

I have recently upgraded my blog and added new features as part of a continual optimization of the platform. Optimizing is a journey and not a destination and adding new features such as Retweet buttons and Facebook share are some of the elements that can make a big difference. Part of the fun of tweaking … Read more