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How To Increase Your Blog’s Email Subscribers by 1,833%

I have recently upgraded my blog and added new features as part of a continual optimization of the platform. Optimizing is a journey and not a destination and adding new features such as Retweet buttons and Facebook share are some of the elements that can make a big difference. Part of the fun of tweaking … Read more

Why You Should Be Optimizing Your Blog and Website For Mobile

Amazon has just announced its latest sales results for the last quarter showing  sales of $6.57 billion and with that it also provided some figures that revealed in excess of  $1 billion of product sales from mobile devices for the last 12 months. That puts the percentage of sales from mobiles compared to desktops at … Read more

12 Reasons Why People Blog

Ten years ago blogs were small and personal and people wrote about their hobbies, interests and just their life. There was no thoughts of becoming a millionaire via a blog or even turning famous. Today we have blogs where 50 million people turn up every month to read news, watch videos and share their comments … Read more

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic By 55% with One Button

As I write this I am surrounded by men in tights and I am not in Sherwood forest hanging out with Robin’s merry men but in a cafe with cyclists in lycra having their caffeine fix after they have had their rush of endorphins from their morning’s cycling. I started this blog last year with very little expectation … Read more

Tips, Tricks and Insights To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

The humble blog has developed from small beginnings to become a multi-media rich social media technology platform for personal branding, corporate thought leadership, an outlet for people’s  hobbies,passions and personal interests and multi-million dollar business enterprises. Blogging is also transforming publishing and it is a great source of income for many bloggers who have discovered … Read more