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Is Blogging The Future Of Publishing?

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are growing so fast that the numbers are a blurrrrrrr……. If you want to look up something to buy or research you will Google. What if you are passionate about technology, politics, fashion or cycling and you want to find out the latest trends? You will quite often find yourself going … Read more

Should Bloggers Get Paid? [Poll]

A news article caught my eye the other day about a French Fashion Blogger who had been flown half way around the world to to unveil a collection of fashion illustrations. A fashion critic was heard to say, that fashion bloggers, or “digital dress dictators” as he called them…”had no right to their new places … Read more

22 Secrets Of Power Bloggers

I was watching Seth Godin who is one of the worlds top bloggers, being interviewed the other day on an online video. I had never seen him on video before or even seen a photo of him except for his blog photo which is a rather memorable partial image. What really intrigued me was that … Read more

Blogging For Dummies – An Opportunity For Personal Branding

This  blog has been inspired by Jan who contacted me through Twitter saying, “Would I think about doing an article on “Blogging For Dummies”. Jan has just started a blog and she said in her first post on February 28, 2010. “I have started this blog because frankly, I, like thousands of others, have recently … Read more

30 Tips On How To Make Your Company's Blog Rock

Writing an article for your company blog is not for everyone. Just trying to come up with ideas for the blog can be a challenge. At the end of the day there is one important element that is absolutely essential and its name is “Passion” with a capital P…. I couldn’t write about cooking, it … Read more