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7 Success Secrets Of The World's Largest Blog

If you look closely at some of the top blogs in the world that have emerged over the last 5 years it is interesting to see what has made them so successful so I thought I would look at  what has made Huffington Post the success that it is today. Huffington Post is a blog … Read more

10 Ways To Find Inspiration To Develop Content For Your Blog

It is something all bloggers battle with..coming up with topics, ideas and content for your next post. I am certainly not immune from this constant challenge of finding inspiration and it continues to be a never ending battle every day. I recently was directly tweeted by Aaron Lee a cyberspace buddy whose opinion I value. … Read more

11 Reasons Why People Blog

Overnight I had a comment left on my blog by Howard, which caught my attention more than normal as I thought that he was giving blogs a bagging, as he wrote that “Blogs are a VERY old idea” and with it a link to a post titled “40, 000 Year Old Blog Discovered In Australia“. … Read more

50 Ways To Optimize Your Blog

I wrote an article earlier this year on “30 Tips To Make Your Companies Blog Rock” and I had quite a few comments by readers and some added more tips on other keys to making a blog successful. So I have taken their suggestions, added them to the list and provided some more that I … Read more