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Why Do You Blog?

Blogging and social media is transforming the web with well over 100 million blogs and some of the highest trafficked websites being blogs. It is challenging mainstream journalism, media and PR as we have known it for decades. Bloggers who are fans and who have far reaching influence are highly sought for advertising and marketing … Read more

25 Blogs to Inspire You or Maybe Depress You

The continuing development of the power blogger within different industry sectors, niches and micro niches is another demonstration of  the Web’s power to continue to influence and change the “Information Age’s” landscape. The bloggers new found ability  to spread their content through social media in recent times with great effect and leverage is raising some … Read more

Why You Should Blog Before you Twitter

A blog does take effort, time and commitment and along with your website is the foundation or “HomeBase” for your content. The corporate blog should be the cornerstone to your social media strategy that will be read for years and will help establish you and your company as a thought leader that will get people … Read more

Why Would Your Company Need 13 Blogs?

I was begged the other day on Twitter to stop writing and Tweeting about a certain online retailer and a blog comment for a recent post on “17 Revelations On How An Online Retailer Went From Zero to $1.2 Billion” went like this. “Jeff, you are one of my favorite bloggers but honestly I am … Read more