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Why Your Resume Isn’t as Important As You Think It Is

personal branding

Applying for a new job is daunting. What do you wear: tie or no tie? Heels or flats? Often it depends on the industry. Accounting is going to be a bit more buttoned-up while digital media is another game. Now—the resume Your primary focus is often on your resume. Every career adviser and recruitment agency … Read more

9 Mobile Marketing Trends Dominating 2015

Best Friends Using Selfie Stick Taking Pic On Exclusive Luxury S

Mobilegeddon is upon us. Google’s latest algorithm update was all about mobile devices and how they handle search. Basically, if you’re not mobile ready – you’ll soon be irrelevant. But we didn’t need Google to tell us this. We can barely walk down the street without bumping into a stranger on their smartphone. So if … Read more

67 Insights From The Worlds Top Digital Marketing Experts

marketing insights

Why do you go to conferences? For learning…networking or the chance to expand  your mind and find some inspiration? Maybe you want to escape the office cubicle for a couple of days or find some company after working from the home office for weeks on end. These conferences can be large, medium or small. We … Read more

5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Disrupt Your Business

You have been running your business for a long time. Life is good. Sales are holding up. Your digital marketing plan is up to date. The admin processes and technology systems are nailed. You have your eye on your competitors and the industry. The business model is stable. Or is it? A small start-up starts selling … Read more

10 Tools to Hit Your Next Online Meeting Out of the Park

Business is global. Whatever industry you work in, you’re dealing with people in different time zones, on different schedules and with different priorities. So if the success of your business is dependant on it; how do you effectively communicate with these people? I guess you could rely on email. But we all know how easy … Read more