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Why You Should Be Targeting Tablet Users

Tablet computing has been something of a surprise revolution. If we hark all the way back to 2010, when the iPad was first announced, critics panned it as a big clumsy iPhone with a silly name. People figured Apple’s luck had to run out sometime, and they’d finally missed a step. Of course, tablet sales … Read more

Winning with the Fantastic Four of Digital Marketing

Winning in sport or business is imagined by almost everyone. What child hasn’t dreamed of being a star athlete or a millionaire. Imagination is a powerful force that can motivate us to succeed in life. Imagination is also one of the keys to enjoying a book as our mind takes us on journeys that suspend … Read more

How to Win in a Digital Economy

I suppose I would describe myself as a product of the digital age. One of my first jobs was working for the first Australian personal computer company in 1985 that sold the first IBM personal computer. In the late 1980’s I remember installing and using my brand new mobile and chatting to my grandfather (who was … Read more

Amazon Takes on Apple and Google with its $199 Color Tablet

On the corner of my desk sits an Amazon Kindle that is gathering dust. It has not been touched for a month. I found it convenient but not compelling. It was great to download a book fast, but its cheap plastic feel, a clunky user interface and black and white screen made it rather unattractive. … Read more

10 New Apple iPad Facts and Figures

We all know the dangers of impulse buying. You are standing at the checkout and the candy bar is in your line of vision and at $1.99 it is almost screaming at you. You stumble upon a great book title and your Amazon Kindle is in your hand and with a couple of clicks you … Read more