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10 Simple Questions To Assess Your CEO’s Marketing IQ

I recently came across a statistic that disturbed me, not that I wasn’t already slightly disturbed in a nice sort of way. That number that had jolted me was that nearly half of all businesses (46% to be precise) don’t have a website. Did I hear someone saying.. “you have to be joking!” (I have … Read more

Digital And Online What's Next? (Video)

In the last decade, we’ve witnessed dramatic changes to the marketing landscape through the rise of new technologies and online platforms, including blogging, social networking and mobile communities. I was recently invited to speak on a panel at a marketing event by Networx in Sydney to discuss and answer questions on the topic “Digital and … Read more

What 3 Industries Is The Apple iPad Threatening To Decimate?

The iPad has just been released for sale on Friday and current estimates put the first days sales at 120,000 according to a report by Techcrunch. So what industries will be impacted and possibly changed forever by this new apple hardware platform?  The three most at risk with tens of billions of dollars at stake … Read more

How Zappos Plans To Use 50,000 Online Videos

The use of online video is continuing to grow and develop as higher broadband speeds become more widespread worldwide and the appetite by the younger generation for viewing rather than reading. The old chestnut phrase , “A picture is worth a thousand words” begs the question, “How many words is a video worth?”So how do … Read more