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5 iPad Trends To Watch

Apple has sold over 3 million iPads in less than 3 months. It is already making an impact on people’s online habits. Online web based magazine viewing from desktops has gone from a few minutes a month with magazines like Vanityfair.com at  2.1 minutes per month and 3.8 minutes per month at GQ.com (according to … Read more

20 Creative Ways To Use An Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has been a hit and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with the iPad apps climbing past 10,000 in the last few days. Morgan Stanley figures show that the Apple iPad is the 3rd fastest hardware platform to pass 1 million purchases, passing that number in just 28 days which  even … Read more

11 iPad Facts and Figures To Make The Amazon Kindle Cringe

I recently wrote an article on the three industries that the Apple iPad threatens to change forever. That was March .. it is now June.. it is time to check the numbers because since then the iPad has been released in many countries around the world and it is time to check the athlete’s resting … Read more

How To Reduce Business Costs By 90%

I attended an inspiring forum recently, sponsored by Deloitte and  the Insight Exchange and facilitated by Ross Dawson of Advanced Human Strategies on the Topic “Getting Results From Crowdsourcing”. It was a chance to meet some inspiring people who you would put in the innovators and first movers category that provide ideas that you can … Read more

22 Reasons Why Your Business or Blog Needs An iPhone App

I have noticed a lot more traffic coming from mobile platforms lately and it seems that the smartphone (or Internet in your hand) is something that can’t be ignored. The growth in the market share of the iPhone as well as the continual replacement of the traditional mobile phones with Internet enabled phones like the Android … Read more