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When A CEO Should Fire The Marketing Manager

I heard a really scary story the other day. One year ago a company placed an order for a Yellow Pages print advertisement for a fee of $90,000 for the year after being persuaded by the account manager to place the order for the ad. The marketing managers comment to Yellow Pages was that he … Read more

The Top 4 Digital Marketing Tactics You Ignore At Your Peril

In the past marketing was easy. You advertised in the yellow pages, you sent letters and catalogs using direct mail, cold called and you placed ads in trade magazines and local newspapers. If you were a larger company you used television, radio and national newspapers. It was known, comfortable and expensive. The arrival of an … Read more

5 Ways To Market Your iPhone App Like A Digital Samurai

Are you forgetting to market your website and online store to billions of people on a platform that is growing faster than the web itself? The mobile internet is a trend that cannot be ignored. The Apple iPad is the fastest selling technology product in history and it is projected by 2015 that over 10 billion … Read more

10 Things To Do When Skype is Down

Skype is down and you don’t know what to do because you have ditched the land line and the carrier pigeons have been retired. So how do you communicate when Skype has ceased to function? Call your mother on your neighbour’s  land line Call the bank on your neighbour’s land line to raise your credit … Read more

Why Design Matters

I don’t know if you own an Apple iPhone or an iPad but you only have to pick them up and touch them to realize that they are designed with a genius that goes beyond the physical. They are intuitive and work with an understanding that blends the human experience with technology. Steve Jobs is … Read more