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Is This the Future of Education and Learning?

My grandfather grew up at the beginning of the last century. It was when cars were so expensive you had to rob banks to buy one. Steam engines were connected to rail carriages and horses pulled carts around the streets. My “Pop” was a milkman for a large part of his life. That meant controlling … Read more

10 Books That Inspired Me

Did you ever as a child disobey your parents? Did you love something so much that despite threats and discipline you still went ahead. Was the passion for something so strong that you just did it? Don’t ignore that signal. If you have, you are maybe doing something everyday that you hate. It is called … Read more

Is This the Future of Books?

I remember as a child discovering the joy of reading and consumed books about pirates and undersea adventures with coral atolls, turquoise transparent seas and hidden treasure that captured my imagination and took me to worlds far beyond my suburban existence. Borrowing numerous books from the school library saw me inducted into the library hall … Read more

The 3 Secret Elements To Massive Motivation

It’s that time of year where we clean the desk,  set the goals and roll out the revised set of new year’s resolutions.  Some of us are excited by the year ahead but others are filled with dread and are even thinking whether going back to “that” job is an option. That motivation for life … Read more

Is Your Life A Masterpiece Or A Meaningless Existence?

I had the pleasure to  hear a keynote presentation from the enigmatic Sir Bob Geldof tonight and I was mesmerized by the passion, dreams and the vision that permeated his words. The topic “Reaching your Dream: A World Icon’s Insight On the Secret To Success” He told how his mother had died when he was … Read more