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9 Unexpected Ways to Ramp Up Marketing Productivity

Fair warning: You may think I’ve lost my mind after reading this, but science backs me up. Almost every person reading this works too hard. We are connected 24/7. We work during our commutes, at the dinner table, before breakfast and after dinner. And we may be spending more time to get less done. If … Read more

Is Pain Your Path to Success

As a child I struggled to breathe. For days I would lie in bed and fight for every inch of breath. I almost thought of it as normal. Waking up and trying to drag air into my lungs for hours. Nights were long with no end in sight. Asthma wasn’t considered such a big deal … Read more

Are You Focused?

There is a quote by Winston Churchill that sums up the importance of focus. “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks” This applies to bloggers, business, online success and even life. We can be distracted by every opportunity, interest and idea that crosses our path. … Read more

Is This the Future of Education and Learning?

My grandfather grew up at the beginning of the last century. It was when cars were so expensive you had to rob banks to buy one. Steam engines were connected to rail carriages and horses pulled carts around the streets. My “Pop” was a milkman for a large part of his life. That meant controlling … Read more

10 Books That Inspired Me

Did you ever as a child disobey your parents? Did you love something so much that despite threats and discipline you still went ahead. Was the passion for something so strong that you just did it? Don’t ignore that signal. If you have, you are maybe doing something everyday that you hate. It is called … Read more