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5 Inspiring Books You Must Read on a Plane

I am a little disturbed by the latest innovation. The last bastion for escaping from anyone sending you an email has been removed. You now can surf the web while travelling at 1,000 kmh at 40,000 feet. The very pleasant isolation from being disturbed by your inbox screaming at you is now gone! But I … Read more

18 Unusual Habits of Extremely Creative People

18 Unusual Habits of Extremely Creative People

Are you continuously trying to create new social media posts, Instagram photos, blog posts, articles, press releases, and promotional strategies? Have you paid attention to your creative process when creating these things? When you have an idea, you’re driven by an inner force. Creative people get into their own world, and we don’t know what … Read more

5 Books That Will Change Your Life (and Business)

What is your big idea? Found it……..or still looking? That one idea can be the catalyst to a life imagined. Just one glimmer of inspiration can transform. It just needs that spark. And that can start with one book….. What you read, focus on and who you hang out with can make or break you. One piece … Read more