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50 Amazing Facts and Figures About Google

Google has become an integral part of our lives and  the word has even become a verb as we are often heard to say let’s “Google” that. I have even heard the web giant referred to in hushed tones during heated discussions and when a controversial fact or figure is being debated across a dinner … Read more

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Google Becomes More Social And It’s Hurting Your Business

Conversations in bars and dinner parties about who is right or wrong are often solved by the smart phone being drawn from the pocket or handbag with a subsequent mobile search on “Lord Google” with the question being answered from Wikipedia or another website with authority. Problem solved… using a blunt mobile instrument without a … Read more

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10 Facts Reveal The Importance of Ranking High In Google

There is a a saying in the offline world of real estate that there are three things that are critical when considering buying property and they are position, position, position!! In the online digital universe there are also three things that are vital to your web presence or online store and that is ranking, ranking, … Read more

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