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"So What Exactly is Social Media and… Social Media Advertising, Marketing and Optimisation?"

What is Social Media? Well here is a definition…Social Media is about community networks on the Internet that allows for hyper-connectivity between individuals and content. The social software enables anyone without knowledge of coding, to post, comment on, share or mash up content, and to form communities around shared interests. The most well-known communities are Linked … Read more

London vs New York, Which City has the Worst Twitter Manners?

Well,  just for fun the other day I was looking at the top Twitterers by City and Country and at first glance noticed that there seemed to be a bit of a difference between Followers and  Following (in Twitter terms) between “New York” and “London” as expressed in ratios. It struck me that it seemed to be significant, so … Read more

Facts and Figures on Twitters Amazing Growth of over 1300%

 I decided to have a  look at the “Twitter Phenomenon” by looking at some interesting facts and figures  and it was quite a revelation. I looked at Growth Rates in comparison to other social media Subscribers by Country Country interest in Twitter as measured by Google searches The USA has the largest Twitter user base due to … Read more

Twitter, Obsession and Jennifer Aniston

I heard today that the reason Jennifer Aniston dumped her boyfriend John Mayer was due to his obsession with Twitter as reported in the Daily Telegraph as well as mentioned in Mashable. I also have observed  people’s use of  Facebook as also verging on obsessive.  So why are social media sites like Twitter and Facebook  so popular?  It is … Read more