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Harvard Study: 30 Key Findings on How The CEO Engages With Social Media

I have recently posted articles on “9 Ways To Convince The CEO To Use Social Media and Enter The 21st Century“, as well as “28 Reasons Why The CEO Is Afraid Of Social Media“, so this study presented at Harvard University by the “Society For New Communications Research” (SNCR) in November 2009, was  a rather interesting read. I thought that a … Read more

6 Ways Zappos Uses Twitter To Increase Sales

The recent sale of Zappos (an online shoe retailer) for $1.2 Billion to Amazon made the headlines. The company is well known for its extensive use of social media including Twitter, so I thought it was worth taking a closer look to see what are some of their strategies and tactics with their use of … Read more

How To Manage, Measure And Monitor Twitter

Twitter is one of the  “new media channels” that is challenging how we communicate, with whom we communicate and perhaps most fundamentally how we (Marketers) influence people. The torrent of data that Twitter produces, especially as your Twitter follower count grows, challenges your ability to manage the noise. So managing and monitoring that stream becomes … Read more