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Debunking The "Twitter Is 40% Pointless Babble" Survey

I have seen this headline circulating over the last week on Twitter and the blogs and so I decided that  I would have a closer look at it.  “Twitter Study Reveals Interesting results about Usage..40% are Pointless Babble” by Pear Analytics Well this is my take on this “Headline” and its eye catching  emotive perspective. (by the way … Read more

Are These Facts And Figures About Twitter True Or False?

In a recent post I mentioned that Quantcast’s traffic estimate for Twitter for the USA was 26.5 Million visitors for the month of June, 2009. As I don’t live in the USA, but Sydney, Australia, I am kind of curious about the number of people visiting Twitter from other countries including Australia, as it has implications for the reach, usage and the … Read more

4 Reports: Facts and Figures About Twitter

I came across these reports recently and they revealed some interesting facts and figures about Twitter that I thought I would share with you, the numbers also show comparisons with other social media.  1. Quantcast.com’s Report This report shows monthly trafiic estimated f rom Quantcast.com at 26.5 Million People from the  US visiting Twitter for the Month of June, 2009. The Demographic … Read more

" 14 Twitter Facts and Figures.. Both Surprising and Expected "

Some interesting Twitter facts and figures have come out of  reports and research over the past few weeks and it reveals some expected results and also some surprises. Expected USA Twitter share is ranked number one with 62% Most of the largest cities that use Twitter are in the USA English speaking countries dominate The UK is ranked second … Read more

" 3 Twitter Tools .. To Manage, Monitor and Analyze The Stream "

Twitter applications and tools have emerged as it has started to go mainstream. Because Twitter is a live stream of information links and updates, the importance of filtering out what you want from this constant passing feed of  data becomes crucial. Some of the tools that I am currently using are: Tweet3, Tweetlater and TweetDeck. Tweetlater: This allows you … Read more