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7 Powerful Twitter Apps You Need To Work On Autopilot

7 Powerful Twitter Apps You Need To Work On Autopilot

Social media marketing is a powerful means by which to build your online profile and your business. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean, everyone you know is online right? Even my 70 year old mother is on Facebook and Google Plus! Doing business online these days is Doing Business. It’s no longer a marketing channel that … Read more

The Powerful 17 Step Journey of a Simple Tweet

My first tweet was underwhelming. It had no link, was short and sweet and included just 3 words. “Watching the Cricket“. Now for some of you that will seem strange. Why was Jeff watching an insect? For those of you who live in London, India or New Zealand and other countries, they will know that … Read more

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Twitter Account

While Twitter’s growth is said to be in decline, the 140-character social network is still a valuable asset for your business. Why? Because it’s almost 1 billion users still have significant influence over your customers and an ability to amplify the reach of your content. Maybe you feel intimidated by Twitter or don’t see value … Read more

How 7 Top Influencers Share Great Content on Twitter

The digital battle is on! Content competition is fierce. One billion websites, two billion plus social media users and 3 billion plus mobile owners. So you need to break through the clutter not only on desktop but on smart phones. But build it and they will come is not an option. Content marketing is two … Read more