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"5 Great Resources for Using Twitter for Business and Your Brand"

Twitter has gone mainstream in the last few months and with it the multiple ways and means of using it to promote your product, brand and service has escalated. The tools available are burgeoning and maturing (thats for the next blog). Its being linked into facebook, blogs and websites. Its being used to help customer service, in fact Zappos … Read more

London vs New York, Which City has the Worst Twitter Manners?

Well,  just for fun the other day I was looking at the top Twitterers by City and Country and at first glance noticed that there seemed to be a bit of a difference between Followers and  Following (in Twitter terms) between “New York” and “London” as expressed in ratios. It struck me that it seemed to be significant, so … Read more

Facts and Figures on Twitters Amazing Growth of over 1300%

 I decided to have a  look at the “Twitter Phenomenon” by looking at some interesting facts and figures  and it was quite a revelation. I looked at Growth Rates in comparison to other social media Subscribers by Country Country interest in Twitter as measured by Google searches The USA has the largest Twitter user base due to … Read more