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4 Ways to Create Brand Buzz with Video

Explainer video header image

Animated explainer videos are popping up all over the place. No longer do you need a big budget and endless man hours to produce one. Today it is much easier. The high costs and long lead time associated with an explainer video used to make them an automatic point of difference. But just like pretty … Read more

10 Key Guidelines for Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing has gained a lot of traction since YouTube and social media made it easy to produce and share online videos. The other technology developments that have driven the momentum include the increased speed of internet connections with broadband and also smartphones allowing video viewing anytime, anywhere.  According to research by Forrester, videos … Read more

Top 10 Tips for Incredible Video Marketing Success

Creating an online video can take an extremely long time to put together.  Achieving video marketing success is sometimes seen as expensive and hard to do. Content creators are often disappointed with the amount of effort it takes to produce an online video versus the online exposure and visibility that it actually receives. What if your … Read more