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How to Engage Successfully on Twitter

Twitter is the best social media site to use!

I am not kidding. Just check my profile on Twitter and see what I am talking about.How to Engage Successfully on Twitter

Need I to say more?

Jeff Bullas is another perfect example.

If you are looking to succeed with Twitter, just follow and learn from the greats on Twitter.

Go look right now at what is happening on Jeff Bullas’ Twitter account and see what separates him from the competition!

“Success” on Twitter is learning and creating your own unique strategy based on the practices of the Twitter greats.

I use Twitter all of the time, and I am being more and more amazed on how it works.

Develop a Twitter Plan of “Attack”

It is starting to give me such great results at such an early stage.

I didn’t just come up with my own Twitter plan overnight.

No way!

It took many months to see what works for me and what doesn’t.

This article shows you how I engage on Twitter and what my plan of attack isis!

I do all of these steps exactly and these are the steps that is taking my Twitter engagement to the next level!

If get more followers is in your head too, don’t miss it. This article works hand in hand.

Some people say that Twitter is such a waste a time, but I say it is the best of time when used correctly.

Use the right way as in this article, and be amazed on what it can do for you!

Tweet like it’s your life!

Twitter is all about tweeting and gaining connections through the 140 characters.

Use the 140 characters to communicate directly to your followers.

The “140” works perfectly to connect with other Twitter users and use that power to generate traffic.

Tweet since tweeting is what is going to gain you prestige and power on Twitter.

For any Twitter user, start tweeting your articles and mostly the articles of others.

Tweet other articles

I would add your own tweets infused with personality.

Tweet often and analyze the engagement of your tweets.

Just like a bird doesn’t ever stop tweeting, the same way you don’t ever stop tweeting on Twitter!

So tweet!

Answer your @ replies!

I believe the single most important aspect of engagement on Twitter, it would be the “@” feature.

Use this to your advantage and use it to communicate directly to one another.

I constantly use the @, and have gained so many relationships through it.

This @ has given so many tweets from others.

If you are looking to receive many “@’s”, then make sure to use many “@’s” in your tweets.

When you share other people’s content, make sure to include their twitter handle that starts with an “@”.

Start using the @ as many times as you can, and make sure to not spam others with this feature.

Tweet to 3 people a day!

To take your Twitter engagement to the next level, try to connect with three new people a day.

Connect with them through tweeting to them nice conversation starters and talking a little with them.

Twitter Conversation

Talking just a little will help you in the long run.

I write in a text file the names of those that I have started a conversation with and continue to engage with them continually.

This article I am writing to you guys is all about engagement and this is the part you cannot miss.

Ask them “How are they doing?”

Say, “Good day to you sir!” in a heavy English accent.

I would even talk with them about the tweet they just sent out!

Doing this will help get your name out and get more eyes on your profile.

More eyes on your profile mean a greater chance of getting more followers for your account.

Answer back to legit messages!

Messaging through Twitter is another communication channel.

Messaging on Twitter is meant to be very personal since it is a possibility to talk with someone secretly without other Tweeters seeing it.

I personally use twitter messages once in a while, but definitely as much as I use the “@” feature.

Like I mentioned before, messaging is a way to personally contact a tweeter and talk to him.

Twitter Legit Message

I am sure you have noticed receiving a message in your email inbox through Twitter, just as you followed someone new.

But many times, it appeared spammy and you didn’t bother to even open the message that they sent you.

Don’t even respond to those and just a peak at them will always smell “spammy to you.

Please, don’t do this.

Use messaging on a personal level to connect and engage with others.

Sharing Tweets!

You can also use Twitter as a sharing medium.

I recommend using Twitter this way, and this way of use will help Twitter be a better social site that you can improve on your part.

As you continue to use Twitter, you will start to differentiate the different tweets.

Some tweets are very promotional, which can sometimes be good, and good tweets that are informative.

There are also tweets that need your help.

Help those tweets by responding to them by retweeting or sending back a nice reply.

Doing this, will help you get recognized by the tweet’s owner and you are making Twitter a nice place for many to enjoy.


 You need to be on Twitter right now as you read this article!

Implement these engagement writings right away if you are even interested in making your Twitter time better.

I would love to connect with you on Twitter anytime!

I would think and sure of that he would love to connect with you guys as well.

Together, let’s make Twitter a better place and a social media site that we love!

Guest Author: Samuel Pustea is the owner at Internet Dreams where you can engage and learn how to set up and succeed with your blog or site. Internet Dreams talks about SEO, blogging, social media, and much more, including these top wordpress plugins.

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  • Sensational advice Samuel!

    Engaging is the name of the game and if you simply respond to as many @replies as you can, retweet a ton and chat people up you will become a twitter star as so few people do these things.

    Reach out and connect and you will rock it out.


    • Thanks Ryan!

      That is exactly the name of engagement!

      I see you use twitter and your level of engagement is high on there.

      Keep up the good work on there!

      Thanks for commenting on this awesome article!

  • Always interesting to remind simple but efficient way to behave.
    I can’t find you on twitter… what’s your account ? thanks !

  • Like most people I started using Twitter as a way of pushing out content – big mistake! Once I twigged that it’s about focusing on engagement it made a lot more sense – and I ended up having more of my content shared. This is a great article for anyone who is still struggling to see how Twitter can help their business.

    • Yup, many fall for that trap Richard!

      Engagement daily is the key to Twitter Success!

      Thanks for the great comment man!

  • I would agree with Ryan, engaging is #1 and not just tweeting out your own “Stuff”. I also love Triberr as it adds more people to engage with that are in your niche. Buffer is great too to share others “stuff” without flooding the stream all at once. Twitter is my favorite out of all the social media sites.

    • Agreed. I do promote my own stuff, hopefully not too much, but I’m always willing to promote other people’s stuff too.

  • Eliz Greene

    Very insightful – I’ve become a Twitter convert. Starting to make sense – it’s about getting to know people. Thanks!

    • Twitter is indeed a very powerful way to connect with people who have similar interests and passions as you globally

    • Yes!!

      It makes sense to me too 🙂

      Thanks for reading the article Eliz!

  • Bhaskar

    With emerging technology all social media’s are playing an important role of their own in a different way as :
    Twitter is best for short message and blog intro.
    Facebook provide one to share a whole post.
    Linkedln help in building broader and really strong contacts.
    and recently there are many apps provided by developers that helps one to manage all social media’s from a single place as Social RSS can manage your RSS, twitter and Facebook from single point.
    But to manage them even from single source you should know how to use them in the right way and this article has given guys a glance of real power of social media.
    worth appreciating. 🙂

  • I have heard of Weibo and I have been tempted to write something about it in depth. I did reference it in 2011
    and in 2012
    Would be happy to do an interview so email me at jeff@jeffbullas.com

  • Do you mean signing up to Twitter?

  • I do most of this, but it’s time to up my game… I’m going to start tweeting 3 (ish) new people more often. It’s not my bread and butter, I do love engaging on Twitter. It’s a whole new world of people!

  • I also need to find and tweet new people, I find myself in a reactive mode where I respond to everyone who communicates but rarely reach out and talk to new people, I only reply, share, converse with those in my stream which isn’t effective in branching out and meeting others.

  • Because many of the people I collaborate with use Skype, I tend to not tweet to them which negatively impacts Klout scores (among other things). If we got in the habit of using @Commun_it consistently I believe we would interact more on Twitter. There is a post on GrowMap about why it is a fun way to have better discussions on Twitter. I’d share the link, but I don’t know how Jeff feels about links in comments. The main thing it does is make it easy to see when someone is talking to you. And the canned thank you messages it generates are very popular. I often get responses to those.

  • Great article! I preach these tips all the time on my Twitter feed. I encourage my followers to read bios/profiles. There is a lot of information packed within the 160 character profile. Great topic starters.

    This is what I do. I try to reach out to all my new followers every three days. I look at their profiles and formulate a question based on what is written in their profile. I typically get a response that day. I ask one more follow-up question and call it a day.

    Thanks your followers for sharing your content is huge as well. Thank you for this informative post.

  • Hi Samuel, and everyone else in the discussion, I think I just might have the perfect solution for you. :O

    If what you want is convenient access to all your Mentions, finding many new people to Tweet to, increasing your engagement exponentially, and more, 12mass.com is about to be launched, and we already have sneak previews to it in the form of tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpg0yn90KP10RZDqNWrUessS4l7CrrA8c

    Check them out and let me know what you think 🙂 If what you’re promoting is a Twitter “Plan of Attack”, I’m handing you the ultimate weapon now.

  • I use twitter and it is becoming better everyday. I use it to find people who want to get information on contests and sweepstakes on twitter via twittersweepstakes.com

  • Paul Leach

    your blog was very helpful. I am new to tweeting. Would like help on what to do.

  • Agmon Porat

    love this post! engaging like crazy and responding to all ones mentions is best done with 12mass.com now also avilable on Hootsuite http://12mass.com/hootsuite .

  • Mohan

    after reading all the above content I see very less number of “@” in
    your tweets…so do you have a different strategy to engage or you just
    keep sharing your interesting blog posts.

  • Robin Hawdon

    Such a useful article. But I am confused about the ‘@’ bit. Have never understood how exactly to use it (yes, I’m a novice at all that)

  • Marsha Ann Brown

    Love this article – it’s really helping me connect the dots. For one thing, I see how I was totally neglecting @ Thanks so much @webtolight:disqus

  • mohamed elbana

    Really I am new to internet marketing and all the terms are a little alien, but like anything I haven’t immediately understood, I’m sure with time I will get it.

    welcome to the #Blogging Tips! Why not check out howtopromoteyourblogfree.blogspot.com to get you started!