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How to Increase your SEO with Google Plus

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How to Increase your SEO with Google Plus

Google Plus is more than just a social media site. It can be a tool that can help boost a website’s ranking on Google’s search engine.

With the changes and updates on the Google algorithm which was introduced as the Hummingbird, Google Plus becomes an integral part of any online marketing and SEO strategies of bloggers, webmasters and internet marketers.

So what is Google Plus, really?

Google describes the service as connecting social, communication and people which is designed to build your website’s ability to rank higher on search. Here we show you how to increase your SEO with Google+.

4 tips to build content relevance on Google Plus

Blogger and content marketers use their Google Plus profile to associate their content to their own authorship. By writing high quality content about subjects belonging to your business category will help the search engine to identify you as an authority within your niche. Your content should always be relevant to your business industry to help the search engine identify your business niche where you are trying to build your authorship.

The main objective of Google Plus is to improve the user’s experience by integrating quality content publication to your social networks. It requires that your content should be one that is relevant, accurate and updated for the benefits of your readers.

In order to help the search engine identify your authorship and field of business industry, Google Webmasters offer the following tips to help you build your content relevance on search:

  • Optimize your Google Plus profile. It is important to optimize your Google Plus profile in order to make it more revealing to your followers. As much as possible, complete all the required fields from your Google profile such as adding your profile image (no one will like to follow an  anonymous Google Plus author), website URL, business details and description. If you can, have your Google Plus Page get verified by Google to improve your credibility. 
  • Link your Google Plus Page to your site and social extensions. By adding your Google Plus Page directly on your website will make it easier for the search engine to associate your website to your Google Plus profile. Use the snippet of the code for your Page and connect the code to your Adwords campaign as well as to your social extensions. Using the Google Plus badge or the +1 button will also make it easier for your social connections to follow and identify your authorship to your website.

How Google Plus Can Increase Your SEO 

  • Be consistent in posting high quality content. People are more likely to follow you if you are able to constantly connect with them by posting high quality content that they find useful. By writing highly relevant content,  the search engine queries can assist you in achieving high rankings in Google web search and even on the Google Plus search results. 
  • Make your content dynamically engaging. To make your post engaging, offer your readers solutions to their problems. Commenting on the conversations on your Google Plus page will help your readers to easily connect to your content, making it more relevant to their needs and to the search engine as well.

Creating your Google Plus page and snippet

In order to help your authorship become more popular in the search engine, you need to optimize your Google Plus snippet. This will be crucial in order to drive traffic to your Google Plus Page. The Google Plus snippet will show your Google Plus Page image alongside your content in the search result. Web users can also immediately find the number of your Google Plus circles directly from the snippet.

How Google Plus Can Increase Your SEO

The benefits that can be derived from optimizing your snippet include:

  • Building more credibility and professionalism on your content and authorship.
  • It can capture the attention of web users that can encourage more clicks and grow the number of followers.
  • It can also be a good tool for building your own personal branding.

All these can help boost your website’s rank on the search engine through your Google Plus authorship popularity online.

How the Google +1 button can boost your search ranking

The Google +1 button is another tool available that comes with your Google Plus profile. If you are already familiar with the Like button on Facebook, the Google +1 works in a similar way but much better.

The button provides its users the benefits of conveniently sharing their content in their social media networks and to encourage others to click on the button to express how cool the content is. This can significantly increase the traffic of your website and helps boost its search rank. Each time a web user clicks on your Google +1 button, it is a way of sharing your content to their networks. The more people sharing your button sends signals the search engine that your content is relevant and worth sharing to others. This gives your authorship a boost in the search engine calculations.

The use of the Google +1 helps your search engine ranking as well. Google announced upon the launching of the Google Plus that they will be using the Google +1 button as a social signal for website ranking on the search engine and will likely to be used on search quality in the long term. Each time someone clicks on your Google +1 button it adds to your credit on the search rank that adds more relevance and credibility to your website.

Adding the Google + button to your website is easy with these steps:

How Google Plus Can Increase Your SEO

  1. Go to the Google Developers (https://developers.google.com/+/web/+1button/) Google+ Platform under the Products section.
  2. Select the options that are available to suit your preferences as to where you want the Google+ button to be annotated on your website and the button size. There are also advanced options available for you to tweak upon to create your button.
  3. The tool will then generate the code for your Google+ button. Use this code to paste on your website which should appear like this on your HTML:

<title>+1 demo: Basic page</title>
<link rel=”canonical” href=”https://www.example.com” />
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js”>

It is best to position the Google+ button on a specific area in your content that will make it more accessible to your reader’s viewing. Google Webmaster suggests that you should place the button above the fold to make it more visible to your website visitors. It can also be placed near the title of your content. These positions will optimally make your button more easily accessible without the need of scrolling down your website page.

So what about you?

Have you set up a Google+ page? Have you created Google Plus one sharing buttons on your site? Do you enjoy using Google+?

Look forward to hearing your insights and stories in the comments below.

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