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How To Video Blog Your Way To Success

Video is in your bedroom, living room, car, office, on your laptop and even on your phone. Text blogging has been around since the 1990’s but video blogging has emerged over the last few years because of the increased speed and availability of  broadband both fixed and mobile.How To Video Blog Your Way To Success

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The growth of YouTube and its competitors is very closely linked to a Web that can now transmit and deliver high definition video globally. Video traffic is expected to increase by 700% through to 2014 and will consume over 90% of all internet traffic according to Cisco as reported in Informitv.com

Clever and innovative marketers have realized its potential are using it in creative ways to spread their brand and message and position themselves as experts. A lot of people have trouble putting pen to paper but have great personalities that come to life when they get in front of a camera and in 2 minutes or 20 minutes can talk about their topic with passion that shines through.

Here are 3 video bloggers that may give you some inspiration to try video blogging or use video more in your blog and they are all very different in how they approach it, but you cannot deny that they are themselves, are very successful and have global reach.

1. Real Estate Video Blog (starring Ian Watt)

Ian Watt is internationally recognized as one of the leaders in real estate marketing and ranked in the top 1% of 9,800 members in the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

What sets Ian apart from the other realtors? In 2007, Ian Watt decided to change his business to 100% online. No longer will you see his “Successfully Sold” flyers in the bottom of the mailroom recycling bins. His real estate junk mail days ended years ago! As the number one realtor marketing Vancouver’s condominiums 100% online, Ian Watt has assembled a digital marketing plan that includes tools such as websites, video blogs, social media, which are watched and imitated around the world. You may find his style a bit over the top but you cannot deny he is real and authentic.

2. Technology Video Blog (starring Robert Scoble and Interviewees)

Robert Scoble (born January 18, 1965) is an American blogger, technical evangelist, and author. Scoble is best known for his blog, Scobleizer, which came to prominence during his tenure as a technical evangelist at Microsoft. He currently works for Rackspace and the Rackspace sponsored community site Building 43. He previously worked for Fast Company as a video blogger. He is also the co-author of Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers with Shel Israel.

Roberts video blogs are more interviews than him presenting but what you get to see are a broad range of interesting people about anything tech especially social media.

3. Fashion Video Blogger (Starring Bryan Boy and Fashion Models)

Bryanboy is the pen name of Bryan Grey-Yambao, a Filipino fashion blogger. A former web developer, he started blogging at age 17 from his parents’ Manila home. His eponymous blog, which attracts 5,000 visitors per day, won the 2007 Philippine Blog Award for Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog. The New York Post named him one of the nine hottest internet celebrities, and news.com.au has called him “one of Fashion 2.0’s biggest superstars” and a “phenomenom in the fashion blogosphere”. His blog, called “hysterically camp” by the Sydney Morning Herald, is known for its “witty and often bitchy commentary.


Video blogging can be done for a wide range of subjects and industries and it is really up to your imagination. Video blogging can be as easy as recording on your webcam and directly loading up to YouTube or it can be a high definition Flip Cam that records and then plugs straight into your USB.

One thing to keep in mind is  that internet video to television display will grow by 3,800% by 2014 and if you want to be part of online videos growth it is time to start participating now and practice your camera craft and start video blogging.

Image by philroeder

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