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13 Ways to Monitor Your Brand on Social Media: Do You Know What Is Being Said About Your Company Online?

 I recently wrote a post about 28 Reasons Why The CEO Is Afraid Of Social Media and I received a lot of comments from people about how they often heard some of these reasons, either as internal advocates of Social Media or as external consultants. They said they came up against CEO’s and management that were afraid of the conversations they might hear on social … Read more

How Many Social Media Channels Should Your Brand Be Using?

I sent an invite to a past colleague of mine to be a friend on Facebook just recently and he sent me back an interesting email, which in essence said. ” I only have time for one social media channel (it happened to be LinkedIn), so don’t be offended if I politely refuse, but if you want to communicate through LinkedIn, I am … Read more

The 10 New Rules of PR

A survey of 1,900 business technology marketers by MarketingSherpa rated the optimized press release the most effective emerging market channel. Tad Clarke, Editorial Director of MarketingSherpa, has called the service SEO-PR has pioneered “the tactic known as SEO PR.” Optimizing press releases for news search engines. As I am in the middle of revamping my … Read more

Get Started

Get Started The biggest challenge for any blogger, social media marketer, content creator and publisher is to “start” Many of us wait to be perfect before publishing or hitting that “go” button. Others are afraid that what they create will be judged as more of the same or they have nothing that will be seen … Read more

" 14 Of The Weeks Best Twitter Blogs "

 As I tweeted my way through the week, resucitated my “Koi” fish who had jumped out of the pond early one morning (and no I didn’t give it mouth to mouth, but yes it took me an hour and a half to save its slippery butt) and completed many of the mundane things of life, I … Read more