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Pinterest – The Best Social Media For Newcomers?

In the past few months many people have been arguing whether Pinterest is for men or for women and who’s using it at the moment.Pinterest the social media for newcomers

But a recent Infographic from Mashable indicates that Pinterest is helping a lot of companies generate a lot of traffic.

This means, whoever you are, you need to use Pinterest if you want to generate traffic like these brands.

If you’re a new comer, to the world of internet marketing, Pinterest is a social media site that you need to create an account on.

Pinterest is a site that newcomers can thrive on.

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One Key Reason Why New Comers can Thrive on Pinterest

On Pinterest all its users can see everything.

To be successful on facebook, you need a lot of fans and/or subscribers, on Twitter and Google+ a lot of followers, on Linkedin a lot of connections and so on. On every social media you use, you first need to create a proper platform and an audience who will want to read your content or buy your products.

This can be a hard thing to achieve, especially if you are absolutely new and have no connections. This is something you don’t have to worry about on Pinterest. As I mentioned above on Pinterest people can see everything Pin.

Pinterest the social media network for newcomers

On Pinterest, you have the “Everything,” option, using this option you can see everything on Pinterest. This means that everybody else on Pinterest who visits this section can see everything, everybody, including you, is Pining on Pinterest. Therefore, if you pin a unique and original image that can draw in a lot of attention, you could be on your way to receiving a lot of repins from people who don’t follow you, as they might see it in the “Everything” section.

Pinterest the social media network for newcomers

If this happens and you receive a lot of “repins,” your Pin will be sent to the “Popular” section of Pinterest where it can receive a more attention which will lead to many; “repins”, “likes” and comments. As people like popular things, why do you think all those articles with many tweets, get retweeted again and again. If you can get your image to the popular section on Pinterest, this could help you create a platform and an audience on Pinterest, one of the 10 most popular social media in 2011 which continues to get more popular month after month.

Do You Want your Pins to be Seen by Everybody?

If you want your images to appear in the “Everything” section on Pinterest, you will need to make one small adjustment.

Pinterest the social media network for newcomers

You will need to add a category to your board. This can be found in the Edit section of your board. Always make sure you add the right category to your board depending upon its contents and what you would like to add to it, in the future. For e.g. if your board is on sports add it to the Sports category, if your board is on technology add it to the technology category, etc.

If you add a proper category to your board and add relevant pins from different sources to these boards, your pins will start receiving; “repins”, “likes” and comments from people browsing those specific categories. This will also help you develop a good following on Pinterest.

Note: By the way this post was published while travelling past Florence, Italy from a laptop connected via a smartphone while travelling on one of Italy’s fast trains at 250kmh!

Guest Author: Mitt Ray is the founder of Social Marketing Writing, where you can download 100 Free Social Media Background Images.

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