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The Top 10 LinkedIn Facts and Figures in 2014 You Need To Know

The Top 10 LinkedIn Facts and Figures in 2014 You Need To Know

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Social media is now a universe of splintered and diverse niche networks but there are a few that dominate the landscape. Some are embedded in our lives. Think Facebook and then maybe Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

But there is one social network that is essential for knowledge workers and professionals to be participating on, and that’s LinkedIn. In the past it was locked up and locked down and a little bit stiff shirt and tie. But it has started to make its platform more social, open and content centric.

In 2013 it started publishing more content from a selected group of  150 “influencers” including Richard Branson , Bill Gates and even Barack Obama. That list has now grown to about 500

Is this a defining moment for LinkedIn?

On February 20, 2014 Dan Roth, (the executive director of LinkedIn) announced its new content strategy that allows “all members” to create and publish long form content on LinkedIn. This means that as a professional you can now display your knowledge and expertise to your peers and to the world. It is easy to use and allows you to even embed images and links.

How important is this?

For Linkedin it will make it more attractive as a “go to” place for reading thought provoking insights and also possibly the latest news and trends in an industry. It will drive engagement and also potentially increase time its users spend on the platform.

Can it make a difference for you?

As a blogger or online publisher you can now create and display your content on LinkedIn. This provides another place to build thought leadership and create personal brand awareness through the power of content. For potential and current thought leaders it is an opportunity to shine on an ecosystem of over 300 million global professionals.

If you get the headline right and the topic resonates with your audience it can appear on the homepage of LinkedIn.

This is what can happen!

I was surprised when I wrote a piece titled “Why You Should Forget Facebook” on my blog and republished it on LinkedIn and then all hell broke loose!

This is what happened!

  • The article received over 160,000 views in 24 hours!
  • Attracted 736 comments, 2,500+ Facebook likes, 7,500+ LinkedIn shares and 1,100+ retweets on Twitter
  • Appeared on the homepage of LinkedIn
  • Became the #2 ranked post for views on LinkedIn for the day
  • Ranked as the #2 article on LinkedIn globally for the week

This for me demonstrated the new potential for writers and publishers on Linkedin. Have something to say?….. then maybe its worth crafting a LinkedIn post or repurposing one of your past top blog posts.

The strategy I would advocate is to publish it first on your “owned” online digital asset, such as your website or blog. Then share it on LinkedIn where it may “earn” some additional attention and drive traffic and engagement back to your site.

The “Top 10” LinkedIn facts and figures in 2014

So where is LinkedIn up to in 2014 after starting 11 years ago on May 5th, 2003?

  1. It has now passed 300 million users
  2. There are now over 1 billion LinkedIn endorsements
  3. 41% of LinkedIn visits are now via mobile
  4. LinkedIn has 5,000 employees
  5. 2.1 million LinkedIn groups
  6. Average time a user  spends a month on LinkedIn is 17 minutes
  7. Worth an estimated $7.5 billion
  8. The top 5 countries by user numbers are. USA (93 million), India (24 million), Brazil (16 million), UK (14 million) and Canada with 9 million.
  9. The top 3 fastest growing countries are Turkey, Colombia and Indonesia
  10. The most likely demographic profile is Male, Asian, 45-54 years, Earns $150,000+, No kids and has a Grad school education

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For more facts on LinkedIn you can view the Infographic from dpfoc.com

LinkedIn Facts and Figures 2014

What about you?

How are you using LinkedIn? Are you being effective? Could you do better?

Look forward to your feedback and insights in the comments below.


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