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The Top 3 Assets You Need to Grow Blog Subscribers

The Top 3 Hacks to Grow Blog Subscribers

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re trying to do too much?

Often we tend to try doing many things at a time without getting the expected results. Even though we’re 100% sure that everything is going as planned, time passes and our expectations are not fulfilled.

Do you also sometimes feel that nothing is progressing? Maybe you’re doing your best, but there is something that seems to be stopping you making headway?

I’m asking these questions because I’ve experienced many of those doubts. I realized that very often I forget that things are simple and I should keep them that way.

I know that it seems easier to start over with a new marketing plan when things don’t seem to work as planned or desired. But there is often no need to re-write the marketing plan, redesign the blog or website or to change the way you write. The value is often already there. You just need to optimize it or make a few changes

Ask yourself these questions

If you think your content is working, I encourage you do a simple exercise: Ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you enjoy writing?
  • Does it help with achieving your career goals?
  • Do you do it just for the sake of it?

Here are some other questions to consider:

What’s the purpose of the website? How does it support my online business? What am I trying to achieve?

So I would recommend you stop reading this post right now and spend 5 minutes answering those questions.

Once you’re done with this simple exercise, come back to take a look at the these three key hacks to improve your websites key assets and grow blog subscribers. These will make a big difference in converting casual visitors into loyal subscribers.

1. Quality content

Just imagine you are a beginner blogger in your area of passion and experience that you’re just starting to create content about. Where would you start?

  1. The first topic area would be your collection of experiences and knowledge.
  2. The second for content inspiration would be asking your readers about their biggest struggles. Survey tools allow you to set up a one-question survey that doesn’t interrupt their journey on your website. Another method is to send a simple, plain text email to your existing subscribers and ask them about their struggle concerning a specific topic.
  3. The third source of inspiration maybe social media. I’m using Feedly to organize the content that’s going live from the industry’s most authoritative blogs. Also, Twitter is great to find ideas about what’s trending. Quora, TED and Brain Pickings are another three sites that I regularly visit to learn or to get inspired.

As far as expanding your area of knowledge day by day, one of the best tactics is to maintain a persistent reading habit. To come up with new ideas, try getting out of your comfort zone by reading different books, hanging around different people or even escaping the office to a local cafe.

2. Call to actions

The second most obvious asset that we as bloggers often forget about, is the website’s design concerning the call-to-actions. Best practice makes it mandatory to use the sidebar to let people know that they can subscribe with their email address to your RSS, newsletter or blog posts.

Top 3 Most Valuable Assets to Get Blog Subscribers

Another way to encourage people to subscribe is using incentives. If you have a ebook to offer, make sure to optimize it before using it as a hook to subscribe. Optimizing an ebook would involve:

  • Great cover

  • Tempting title

  • Well structured content organized with bullets, highlighted subtitles and real world examples

This takes time. But it is worth investing the hours optimizing your book and then use it to encourage people to subscribe.

The last tip on using an effective “Call to Action” is placing them at the end of all posts. Insert a one line CTA at the end of the post.

Here an example from Hubspot:

Top 3 Most Valuable Assets to Get Blog Subscribers

3. Landing page

Dedicating a page to drive the blog’s visitors to their destination doesn’t have to be complicated. You do it once and then test it to increase its conversion rate.

There are simple to use landing page builders, such as Unbounce or LeadPages. Then link them to your email service provider such as Mailchimp or Aweber. Using a double opt-in process helps with making sure that you build a healthy email list of subscribers.

Any subscribing landing page should include these 5 elements:

  • The value of subscribing. The content should answer the well known question, “What’s in it for me?”

  • Social proof

  • Optimized form

  • The option to choose the frfrequencyf the emails

  • Privacy policy

What’s important is to ensure that email marketing supports your content marketing efforts. It’s one of the the smartest ways to keep in contact with your subscribers and followers.

Make sure that you align your tone of voice, style and promises with the website’s content. If people change their perceptions when they open the emails from you, they might get confused and, become suspicious. Trust is not hard to get. You just have to be honest and never stop learning.

Author: Elena Dobre is learning about digital marketing, business and life at Marketizator.com, the complete conversion rate optimization tool. She plays the role of the content strategist, but she’s also experiencing with CRO and lead generation.  She enjoys discovering new online tools, hacks, brilliant minds and beautiful souls. Follow her on Twitter @HDobre.

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