101+ Tips and Tactics To Grow Your Web Traffic 

Learn how to attract a ton of visitors to your site for free without paying Google or Facebook a cent

These are the hacks, ideas and strategies I have used to attract over 16 million visitors to my blog and 400,000 monthly views over the last 4 years

Jeff Bullas

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    Adam Franklin

    Co-author of Web Marketing That Works - Amazon #1 best seller

    "Jeff is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to web traffic --- when he shares his secrets, I pay close attention!"

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    Mary Jaksch

    Editor-in-Chief at WritetoDone.com. She has helped thousands of students create outstanding blogs at A-List Blogging.net.

    "If there’s one person I trust when it comes to traffic and social media, it’s Jeff Bullas. Every tip he’s given me has been pure gold. With his help,  I’ve increased my social media reach by 315% in just 3 months and my traffic has skyrocketed! If you want to boost traffic, take Jeff’s advice and you’ll be amazed at your results".

  • Mark Schaefer

    University educator and author of "The Content Code" and "The Tao of Twitter"

    "As I went from page to page of this eBook I kept saying "wow that is great!" There is something valuable in here for businesses of any size."

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

7 Key Strategies You’ll Learn

In this book I reveal 101+ tactics including social media, search engines, email, joint ventures and more… to drive traffic to your website, blog or online store from “earned and owned traffic”.
I cover these 7 key strategies:
  1. Social Media: Social media offers the promise of attracting global traffic and is one of the best ways to attract traffic quickly if you know how. In this section you will find tips and tactics from the major social networks and other ones that may surprise you.  
  2. Search: Search engines are often ignored because it takes time to build traffic from search. The reality is that over time it can be a source of over 50% of your traffic. We will show you the essentials you need to know to do this from day one. Research shows that many sites get 300% more traffic from search engines than social.
  3. Email: Email may not be new and exciting like social, but building an email list that brings visitors to your site when “you” want them rather than paying for it or at the whim of Facebook’s algorithm is essential
  4. Partnerships and collaboration: 
    What is important to realise is that the social web allows you to work with other bloggers and businesses to reach each other’s customers. These partnerships or collaborative relationships will amplify and multiply your marketing. You don’t have to do it all on your own.
  5. Content marketing:  Content marketing is the new “black” when it comes to driving traffic. It’s about attracting traffic rather than chasing it..
  6. Mobile: Don’t forget that a lot of people are now reading, buying and sharing on mobiles. We will include some top tips for making sure you can grow and maintain web traffic from mobile devices.
  7. Social proof: Social proof marketing is not new but often forgotten. It also is a powerful factor in driving more shares and hence traffic.

About The Author

Jeff is a blogger, author, strategist and speaker and works with companies and executives to "win at business and in life in a digital world".

His blog is about all things to do with “Social Media Marketing”, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing. This includes Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and email marketing.

Achievements include:

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