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5 Types of Content That Grab Immediate and Lasting Attention With Prospects

5 Types of Content That Grab Immediate and Lasting Attention With Prospects

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Attention – you can have insanely high conversion rates and super compelling products, but still lose if you’re not able to get attention.

Follow and reverse engineer what Jeff Bullas does and you’ll notice a pattern. Create content, publish, and share it.

Is that it?

No way, Jose.

What kind of content? Where is it published? How is it shared?

In this post, we’ll cover the different types of content that get attention.

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1. Video

It’s hard to contemplate getting out of your comfort zone if you’re a great blogger, but you need to start getting into video.

According to the latest Alexa stats, YouTube is the second most visited site in the world. In an article on Think With Google, David Mogensen (Head of YouTube Ads Marketing) sheds light on the fact that how-to-video content is fast becoming a staple that’s here to stay.

Internet users are gravitating towards video. Two big reasons for this shift is access to faster internet and a surge in searches made on mobile devices. The fastest-growing segment on the internet gets most of their information from YouTube.

Ages ago, when I was in school, I’d get on my BMX and ride my bike to the library to find an encyclopedia or book to learn. Years later, I would simply read something online. Today, I get a lot more information through YouTube than I care to admit.

Don’t resist video, embrace it.

As a blogger, you’ve probably got loads of great blog posts. Get more attention from them by converting them into videos!

Ease your way into the process by starting with simple equipment (most smartphones can shoot great video) and then scale up (when you’re ready) to a professional camera, mic, and lighting. You should also look into explainer videos if you sell products. They help with conversions and they’re awesome for SEO.

2. Long-form blog posts

This type of content is probably right up your wheelhouse. Blogging has always been good, but for great results, you’ve got to dig deep and write informative, attention-grabbing content that’s optimized for keywords.

Of course, this doesn’t apply if your website has traffic and DA that’s as great as Bullas or Seth Godin.

The type of blog posts that rank best for our site and for our clients are long-form blog posts.

Long Form Blog Posts for types of content 1

Long Form Blog Posts for types of content 2

Two things to keep in mind with long-form blog posts:

  1. You’re only going to get first page results if the content is good.
  2. Frequency makes a difference. You have to publish content regularly.

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3. Infographics (Graphics with content)

Infographics with loads of tiles are great because they make onlookers pause and give your brand attention. I don’t want you to stop there though. Create graphics; graphs, pie charts, and illustrations because visual content gets a lot more attention than written content.

Infographics have been around longer than Instagram, however, there’s something about the ‘Gram that’s conditioned internet users to pause at great visuals. Check out this great post by Jeff that covers 7 key steps to creating awesome infographics.

There are three ways you can go about creating infographics.

#1. Bootstrap it

  • Pros: Lowest cost.
  • Cons: Time-consuming and difficult.

#2. Hire an agency

  • Pros: Best results and the easiest process.
  • Cons: Can be the priciest option

#3. Find a freelancer

  • Pros: Can get a great rate with trial and error.
  • Cons: Not for everyone and might take a lot of time

Incorporate infographics in your content strategy. An infographic every couple of weeks should be enough if you’re posting new content every other day. Focus on quality over quantity.

4. Emails

Build your subscriber base and send them emails regularly. Figure out what frequency works best for your audience and what kind of content gets you good Click-Through Rates and Website Visitors.

You have to encourage website visitors to subscribe if you’re on a mission to create great content that you want to share with the world. By occasionally sending readers emails, you’ll remind them how awesome your site is and invite them to revisit your website.

Emails used to be the go-to strategy for marketers, but SPAM, SPAM filters, increased legislation, and social media have led to a significant dip in results for many marketers. However, the best marketers are still crushing it through emails.

Email subscription for types of content

If you haven’t already tried emails, then you need to start pronto. If you have but didn’t get results, then you need to optimize what you’re doing. Jeff was able to increase email conversions by 344%.

5. Giveaway eBooks

I love free stuff! There’s a lot of research and data that’ll support the fact that most people want freebies.

Grab attention instantly on your landing pages, blog, and other website pages by offering high-value content for free.

Take a look at this awesome giveaway eBook by Jeff.

Giveaway eBooks for types of content

Perhaps the best thing about giveaways is that you can repackage and repurpose preexisting content to make it an eBook or another form of a giveaway. Are you struggling to find ideas for giveaways? This blog post on Outgrow covers 7 great freebie ideas.

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Attention is good, retention is better

Using a combination of these 5 types of content with your existing content strategy will help you attract a larger audience to your website. By mixing it up with different forms of content, you’ll be able to tap into audiences that you weren’t able to before.

Don’t stop there.

You must continue to create content at scale. The internet is bombarded daily with new content and you’ve got to stay ahead of the curve to dominate your niche. Double down on your strengths and continue to experiment.

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Author: Dave Brown

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