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Why Trust And Relationships Are Synonymous with Social Media Marketing

Are there other ways for you to generate more targeted site traffic? Can this be done at no extra cost to your marketing budget? Have you heard that marketing through social media is now one of the most effective ways to do this? Are you doubtful about this because of the negative things other people are saying about it? Why Trust And Relationships Are Synonymous with Social Media Marketing

Social Networking Sites are for Creating Relationships

A lot of people believe that the time they spent on social media marketing was just wasted. This is because of the often said oversaturation of the online marketplace. While this might be true when you look into MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, there is another angle that you can take advantage of when it comes to these social networking sites. If the chances of selling anything here have become slim, then why don’t you foster relationships here instead?

Creating relationships is actually the main principle of any kind of marketing. From the start of trading in history up until now, this has not really changed. Marketing was and is still is about creating relationships and building up trust among your target market.

It may be true that posting links and putting up ads in social networking sites is no longer effective in selling your services or products to your target market. But, if you will concentrate on fostering relationships through them, you will have a greater chance of somebody clicking through to your site and then availing of what you have to offer.

Social Networking Sites Are For Building Up Trust

It is a fact that people like to buy from businesses that have earned their like and trust. So, if you are the kind of business person who uses social networking sites by disseminating relevant, helpful and fresh information always, then you will get the interest of your target market. The chances of this happening will even increase if you will always be respectful in the way you treat people.

If you please a lot of people through your social networking campaign, then word about this will surely go around. This is how you will get the bulk of your business through social media marketing. So, stop trying to sell your services or products through these social media sites. Instead, focus on creating relationships through them.

Just post links with subtle invitations. Invite people to fill out a subscription to your RSS feed or email newsletter. Ask them nicely to leave a few words on your blog. While results for this may take time in coming, this could start up your social reputation just right. In time, you will have hordes of people promoting your brand. The great thing about this is that they may do this in areas where you might not have gone before.

Guest Post by:  Melbourne graphic designer, Wes Towers is owner of Omnific Design. Omnific Design specializes in graphic design, branding, web design and marketing. They work with a variety of business owners in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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