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  • Anonymous

    Jeff,Nada é perdido Quando feito em beneficio da comunidade não é preciso utilizar 
    #socialmedia quando se pratica uma boa causa o dinheiro vem automaticamente 

  • https://www.facebook.com/DeVarmeHjertersForening Erik Larsen

    I think I will ask you to get a personel advise. I have been retweeted u and givin u support. 
    Please be twittihelpful. I run a non profit facebooksite To get so much support as a Union, we could help the ones, who really makes a difference.
    By using facebook and twitter as our tool, to get on everybody’s tongue
    We have a Danish site and know an English
    Another goal:
    ww will create a hashtag, #heart, day on twitter
    We will go far and reach a large public
    The happening is happening now
    so join in, and be proud