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  • http://blog.advancemarketworx.com ellen hoenig

    Great post!
    As a marketer by training, I believe that the strategy of social media and how it fits into the brand positioning and mission should be led by the brand champion/marketer with input and collaboration with PR and others–but the design and implementation of social media strategies and tactics may be better led by ‘knowledgeable’PR folk (also with input and collaboration from mktg folk)…but probably most important determining factor aught to be that social media should be led by those that understand and desire two- way dialog and community? :-)
    You’ve raised an interesting question for me (and a future blog linked to yours) of what is the job of a Marketer today?

  • agathakubalski

    Really interesting insights here!
    I often see social media fitting a little more naturally under PR (at least at first) because public relations as a practice tends to be more used to speaking to audiences in a less commercial/promotional way. We’re already in the mindframe of: we need to speak to these audiences in a relevant way, and it can’t be an advertisement. I see that as being one reason why PR tends to lead social media efforts.

    However, these initiatives should definitely be executed in the context of the overall marketing strategy, not exist in a silo under “PR.”

  • http://www.marketingclimber.com Thomas McMillan

    Jeff- Very interesting post. I would caution the conclusion considering it was santioned by ipressroom and PRSA…hardly unbiased.

    I also certainly see Agatha’s point above…this is in essence PR’s forte….non commercial story telling. It’s what they do best!

    It’s also interesting to point out that in most large companies, there is also an “eCommerce” or “.com” team that is also a significant player.

    One last thought that may derail everyone: Isn’t PR a function of the 4th “P” of marketing called “Promotion”?

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  • http://www.benitocastro.com Benito Castro

    Great job! Thank you very much. From Sevilla, Spain.

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  • http://matthewkeane.com Matthew Keane

    As usual another great post by Jeff. Thanks!!!

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  • http://whyyesindeed.wordpress.com Quay

    Interesting read. As far as insight one goes I definitely have to think that it is because social media is the new “trendy” thing right now, which is why there is such a heavy emphasis placed on it. Not that it isn’t important and a good business practice, but I have seen many small businesses who let their company website fall to wayside because they focus so heavily on their Facebook. Not a good practice there at all. Balance is key!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Watkins/1193066579 Kathy Watkins

    Great article! Must share it. ;) Thank!

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  • http://twitter.com/boydnorwood Boyd Norwood

    It would be interesting to see updated data for 2011. I can only imagine that more and more companies are utilizing twitter and facebook and even dedicating a full time person to them.

  • http://www.extremejohn.com/ Extreme John

    My small business fits into 45% bracket, all though I’m not that surprised that small businesses make up the majority. I know that if someone would have asked me 3 years ago how important I felt Facebook marketing was vs radio advertising, etc. I would have laughed.

    We see some excellent results on my business Facebook Page, not so much on the Twitter account because my demo seems to be confused by Twitter. I do see Twitter being more useful and my demo getting more involved as time goes on.

    Excellent information Jeff.

  • http://soulati.com/blog Soulati

    EXCELLENT!! Thanks. Sorry, I don’t usually just say that, but wanted you to know I wasn’t a lurker saying nothing about solid research and even more solid presentation.

  • http://twitter.com/philipluca Philip Luca

    i think social media blurs the line between PR and marketing- and this is good

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