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  • http://www.businessesgrow.com/blog Mark W Schaefer

    More freaking Zappos, the shoe company that saved the earth. Arrrrrgh.

    Surely this must be a sponsored post by now? ; )

  • http://www.online-strategist.net Oscar Del Santo

    Sponsored or not, the principles are right on target by me.

  • http://www.zapposinsights.com Jon

    Jeff, Thanks for another great post! I like the way you related the core values to social uses, it is nice to see/hear other peoples views on the how/why of what we do (and to see that they relate very well to areas beyond our specific focus of service).

    Working here is truly a joy, and not just because of the fun side of things. I can honestly say that I’ve become a kinder, more patient person in the two years I’ve been working here (well, it’ll be two years in January…) The core values become a part of you, in everything you do.

    Have a happy holiday!

  • http://www.binaryhaiku.com Todd Wallace

    I’d say that number six…

    6. Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication

    …scares the crap out of most businesses.

  • http://www.christophseidl.tumblr.com Christoph Seidl

    Once again, Jeff..you’re doing a great job! As a sales trainer & consultant I am very much concerned about how to make company values operational to a point that the client can actually experience them.

    Keep on blogging … please.

    Best regards,


  • http://twitter.com/Anerian Corrie Davidson

    Really great article!

  • http://www.pragmaticvisionary.com pragvision

    I often hear about “social media strategies” alsmost as a stand-alone concept, so it’s refreshing to see this post showcasing the direct link between business strategy / core values and social media. Social media certainly provides new ways to demonstrate some core values of a business and to execute its strategy in ways that were simply not imaginable just a few short years back. I also find it interesting to see how closely what Zappos is doing matches the human needs described by Tony Robbins in a TED video I’ve recently watched.

    One thing that could make this post even more instructive for me would be a little more in the way of what Zappos actually does with social media (from a technical standpoint) beyond scanning for mentions of their brand and using Twitter and blog comments to respond.

  • tlmaurer

    The sad truth is that while people may get tired of hearing about the ‘wonderfulness’ of Zappos in terms of their strategy and ability to differentiate themselves, they are members of a very small group. Too many other major organizations KNOW that they should be doing a better job of relating to customers at that WOW! level, but are doing absolutely nothing at all to move in that direction. Great posting, Jeff. Maybe a few more will get the idea. We hear about far more organziations failing miserably at customer service and customer experience than we do about the stars like Zappos. Have they differentiated themselves? You bet they have.

  • http://twitter.com/scottpdailey Scott Dailey

    What I take away from this is that Zappos and a growing number of businesses everywhere have loudly proclaimed their wholesale abandonment of the notion that management/leadership must impose itself on its people (customer and employee alike) to achieve business objectives. This post highlights nicely how social media, as it does with individuals, compels us to take ourselves less seriously. I am thrilled to be reading more and more that the Silicon Valley values model is effectively wiping out the long-standing go-to’s in stifling production. We’ve all worked under management types with a hell-bent commitment to self-gratifying, antiquated us-and-them leadership paradigms. What Zappos is doing is rewriting the way leadership inspires and motivates direct reports. And that is a revolution long overdue. How exciting to have intellectual equity no longer arbitrarily assigned and defined by title. Just another example of what can happen if we listen more. Kudos, Jeff. Killer post.

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  • http://www.myshoppinggenie.com/pstd Lisa Ann Landry

    In my training sessions my clients are seeking success stories in Social Media. I think this makes for an excellent case study for them.

    Lisa Ann Landry
    Vibrating Positive energy..what are you vibrating?

  • http://websitesgiveback.com/blog/ Elena Patrice

    So basically what it comes down to is that Facebook, Google, Groupon, and Zappos rule the world. Utterly fascinating times of business we live in (fascinating times in general)! Thanks for yet another GREAT post Jeff!

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  • Ton Rodenburg

    Hi Jeff, love your reflections about ‘living the brand’at Zappos. One of the leading examples in internal branding. Like to bring in that especially the last value: be humble, to me the deepest core value is of a shoeseller: getting on ytour knees before the customer and fitting a pair of shoes..The deep roots of the trade beautifully incorporated in the modern and creative culture of this great online company! From Holland i also follow Tony Hsieh’s delivering happiness tour. Great inspriation for everyone in marketing and HR!
    kindest regards!


  • http://twitter.com/himachhag hima chhag

    hi jeff, I think i have become fan of your writing.

    Thanks for sharing such a great articles.. I always learn something for your writing.

  • http://twitter.com/SocialMediaJeff Jeff Emmerson

    Jeff – do you write your posts, or do you have copywriters to do them for you? 

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      I write all my posts except when I have guest authors who are mentioned below the title

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