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  • Julie

    Love your blog Jeff… great content on a regular basis. That’s a rare find in my opinion. Keep up the superb work! I read every post.

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  • http://tromlerconstruction.wordpress.com Tom Arstingstall

    Great post Jeff! Lots of good stuff said here. Loved the part about passion; do what you love doing.

    Thanks again Jeff

  • http://brookevstheworld.com Brooke vs. the World

    Great tips! I’m hoping to do more vlogging so these will help me to better attack my project :)

  • http://kathudson.com Kat.

    awesome blog post! i definitely got some great insights! thanks

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  • http://abd-essamad.blogspot.com/ Abdessamad (DotComExpert)

    thank you so much for the usefl information

  • http://www.onlineandoff.net zanade mann

    You are so on point with this blog! Personal Branding has become so important that it cannot be ignored. All companies need a face. It makes the customer feel at ease to know that they can connect with you on Twitter or Facebook.

    It is always best to personalize your small business and gain community…because that trumps indirect marketing and vague replies to unknown buyers. Get involved with your customer using all forms of social media. It takes time and a love for your craft to succeed!

  • http://womanzworld.com Natalie

    So on point, 32 times to be exact. Some really great insights here and glad I found your blog. Just love reading every day about how people are being their true authentic self on line and doing what they love.

    Keep rockin!

  • http://www.ckwrites.com Christopher P Korody

    Love the observation about the gate keepers losing control – been working on that for years LOL

    Seriously, with the exponential proliferation of user generated content (UGC…. surely we can do better) the genie is out of the bottle and all the kings horses cannot put him back in (that is known as a mashed up fairy tale)

    All in all quite an inspiring pep talk! Where on earth do you find the time?


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  • http://www.10thstep.com Wayne

    Hi Jeff, Loving following the blog and the updates on twitter really great work

  • http://www.essentiallyfit.com/blog Wess Murray

    Thanks so much for this. Very informative.

    It’s easy to forget how a simple thing as responding to message can make or break your marketing message.

  • Myra Davis

    Really great article and I enjoyed reading all your blog great job Jeff .

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  • http://nashandassociates.com Brian Nash

    Bravo once more, Jeff. Tight and full of great comments. So glad I subscribe to your posts. Each day brings either new thoughts or reminds me of things I shouldn’t forget – like today’s post. Keep it flowing!

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  • http://www.susannepenfoldsocialmediaconsultant.co.uk Susanne penfold

    Thanks Jeff for another great post, I’m off to open my Viddler account and to upload some video’s. :)

  • http://twitter.com/fitzternet John Fitzgerald

    Great article, though I strongly (yet respectfully) disagree with #32.

    YouTube opens up your work to a huge audience that can stumble upon your work by accident. Viddler may be fine for building your brand among fans, but YouTube is a wider audience – some of whom might love your work but never would have found it. Kind of like the difference between public access TV and a spot on primetime network TV. Kinda…

    The branding of YT videos isn’t an issue if you build up enough of a following to get a Partner account. If you create a large body of work (#21), this should eventually happen. At that point, you can upload your logo, etc.

    Also, don’t YT videos show up well in Google searches? That’s always been my experience.

    • SeymourResults

      YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube is the 2nd largest Search engine behind Google. And yes… YouTube videos positively impact your Google search rankings.

  • http://twitter.com/Almost60Really Paula Lee Bright

    Hey, I enjoyed it so much! Learned a lot, even though much was review.

    Also got an unexpected lesson. #20! Mentioned a guy, a book, a site/blog. Went there, he’s on hiatus, but should follow on Twitter (nope, none of the tweets had anything to do with my goals) or DIY something (about remote control planes, or???) nothing to do with me…so I downloaded the free mp3 of his book, gave up on learning anything more from him, and MAY remember some time to find the time to listen. But I doubt it. Yet I am sure it’s a worthwhile book. But I’m not “a listener.”

    Lesson learned? It’s true what they say! If you’re not around, online, you’re not anything. Bummer, but true! Usually when I find a neat new book I follow the person, buy the book, check out their Facebook page, get all turned on about their ideas as I read, become a fan and support them, and so on and on and on. But this guy is gone. Result? Not buying the book. Won’t see his next book, if/when it comes out. Doubt he’ll make a dime off me.

    Is it a valuable lesson? I don’t know. But it was my takeaway! Also, I DO want to be on YouTube. For sure! But ADORE Gary Vee, and yes, he’s even tweeted with me. :D

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  • SeymourResultsinfo

    Interestingly, you did this in a textual blog post. It would be fun to see a quick video of this.
    Thanks for the excellent tips. I am going to share your post in my seminar today.


  • Tangible Words

    You hear all the time that you should start your business with a 5 year exit strategy in mind. 

    I think a lot of people are scared to show the face behind the business because the fear is that “if you are your business, there is no business without you.”

    Perhaps while you are getting started it’s more important to be yourself, let people get to know you; and deal with your asset management later?

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  • Anonymous

    Wow……….. these are really looking just mind blowing lessons for Online video Social media marketing success. As the post content and features are fabulously looking with full of elegance. And the regarding knowledge is extremely looking just most essential information. This one is massively looking one of the unique experienced post. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://shanegarrison.com Online marketing blog

    I agree you should focus on what interests you.

  • Alyssa

    Do you respond to comments on your blog, Jeff? Doesn’t look like you follow your own advice (or Gary’s). Why is that?

    • The Greatest freedom

      Good one…

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  • labeshops

    Awesome advice. I do agree that for seo and pure volume of traffic, you have to include video on youtube as well…never heard of the other but will check it out. Hardest thing for me is to get over being camera shy, but after checking out this article and the wine vblog, i just need to do it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • labeshops

    Awesome advice. I do agree that for seo and pure volume of traffic, you have to include video on youtube as well…never heard of the other but will check it out. Hardest thing for me is to get over being camera shy, but after checking out this article and the wine vblog, i just need to do it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • http://twitter.com/chrishall85 Chris Hall

    Who’s Gary? He sounds like a ‘tard…

    • http://www.garyvaynerchuk.com garyvaynerchuk

      I dont think so :) lets drink a beer and find out :)

  • http://twitter.com/m_raoul raoul mangoensentono

    Great advice. I don’t have a company but I want to start personal branding. Good tips to start of with, so now I have to make the time and effort.

  • http://www.retinaburnblog.co.uk/ Ryan Stone

    Great post, but I equally came to voice my opinion about #32. I recommend my video marketing clients ALWAYS upload to YouTube. However, I then add a caveat that it’s not best to use the embed on their site.

    YouTube is where the people you, whether you like their branding or not, YouTube has the greatest chance of driving traffic to your video and subsequently your site or blog. However, I agree that on your site you want to have more control over the branding of the player, AND, there’s the ability to have your video appear in Google searches (linking to your personal website) if you use an alternative platform to YouTube.

    It is more work, but then you get the best of both worlds. Otherwise, a comprehensive and excellent list.

    Retina Burn Blog

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WX3XQV7FYJXDPOF5R4WBH4LWU4 Gaurav

    nice article. and covers all the directions of the business model. but to maintain all this aspect every time is bit diffcult. but even if we achieve 60% it. great !

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jbrabants Joris Brabants

    Nice one! But what I do miss is User Generated Video… It’s a powerful tool but overlooked by so many marketeers. Video Testimonials, product reviews, social video contests, … Mobile devices, webcams, or file upload make it rather easy to make more use of user generated video… And what about video comments on your blog instead of plain ol’ text?

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  • The Greatest freedom

    Youtube is not promoting their brand, and not yours.. if so, the same goes for all SM..

  • The Greatest freedom

    Seems that the writer doesn’t follow his own advice when it comes to responding to comments.. And that was one of the main points.. I like how they stirred up some controversy with #32..But it’s contraproductive..

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