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  • http://www.pocketinfo.net Robert L

    Interesting article. I agree that location and Geography is very important in helping create networks. Also the ideas of weak ties is a good one. I try and connect across specialists in different areas on twitter – after all there are only so many SEO experts you need to follow.

    I also think Keller Fay should look at her stats as in the Social Networking environment her figures are now quite outdated. 74% seems too high.

  • http://www.powerof9.co.za/blog/ Monique Boucher

    Fantastic blog post! I am fascinated by the Dodds and Watts’ findings that 3 friend recommendations is not quite enough but one more and a person is convinced. Using this principal for clients’ social media campaigns could be a challenge (but not impossible) as one would have to have contacts in common with 3 others and synchronise the message. I’m definitely going to encourage our team to retweet/create links for various online campaigns (we may have shared contacts we didn’t know about) but I am also going to find out more about leveraging the influence of the ‘acquaintance. Thanks for the insightful post, it got me thinking.

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  • http://www.surviveyourpromotion.com Katy

    Great stuff – repetition of the message is the key (based on psychological studies related to advertising but can be presumed to apply to social media) – hearing the same recommendation from many sources (esp. weak connections) builds up the credibility of the product and the feeling that “everyone else has it so I should too”. Getting many disparate people to talk about your product is the best way to get it sold.

  • http://www.listenlogic.com ListenLogic

    Really enjoyable read. I especially enjoyed the part about how word of mouth between acquaintances is stronger than it is with friends and family. VERY VERY TRUE.

    No matter how much I read on social media it’s always good to refresh, will definitely be tweeting this one out.

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  • http://twitter.com/TonyKochAUS Tony Koch

    Another great article Jeff.

    I agree with Robert L – given the rise of social networking sites in recent years the 74% face to face figure from a 2007 study may not be quite as high – either that or we are all caught up in our own social media fishbowl and forget many (including my wife) use the internet for email an nothing much else.

    That aside, I agree ‘Geography still matters’
    I find myself drawn to local (Australian) sources like yourself in preference to authors in the USA. It may be the plain language used in the posts our maybe just point 2 ‘People Link With Other Who Are Similiar To Them’.

    Interested in what you and others think. (there I go again – seeking validation from own peer group)

  • Nicky

    thanks for the reminder of who all these social networks link together – worth taking note of when brand building etc.

  • http://www.halobiz.co.nz Julie South

    Kia Ora Jeff – Am right behind the #2 principle (“people link with others who are similar to them”) – that’s exactly the ethos we have in our online business directory where we offer our clients the opportunity to list not only the community organisations they support and their professional associations but also their personal interests as a means of enabling more social networks to develop. Smiles, from Julie, halobiz.co.nz

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