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  • http://Www.ryanpinnick.com Ryan Pinnick

    Very intriguing post. It would be great to see what the results would be like if you did the presentation to other groups like corporates, government, school kids etc

  • http://www.liquidwholefood.com Carolyn from LiquidWholeFood.com

    With 4 teens and 1 pre-teen in my home, Facebook offers them everything they could need on so many different levels to interact and communicate and build relationships. As long as we’re limited to 140 characters on Twitter, I don’t see teens/undergrads signing up any time soon. Only my opinion, but humans have an innate need to interact more than just with a perpetual string of IM messages.

    The real genius of Twitter? Being able to “direct tweet (mail)” targeted individuals who understand you’re a business and want to see WHAT KIND of business person you are. You really do get to see the man behind the mask, so to speak, which is at least what I’d like before I put my money out.

  • http://www.5thelementevents.com Jared Golberg

    I’m an avid Social Media lover and use multiple platforms for connectivity. I am curious and excited to see what the next few years have in store. I was suprised to see that a classroom of students were not tapped into Twitter. For me, Twitter is my main tool to connect and engage with MANY professionals. The amount of content available through Twitter is mind boggling.

    Great post. Looking forward to reading more from you!


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  • Anonymous

    Very interesting article.  I was surprised that only one person in the class is using Twitter.  Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/ashishshukul Ashish Shukul

    Great piece Jeff. Very insightful. Your posts help me become a fast learner!

  • http://twitter.com/Tudor_Davies Tudor Davies

    Post-event social media can also be used to tell fans what the event was like, pictures and videos can be great for creating a buzz around an event once it has happened.

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