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  • http://www.gatewaybizdev.com ElizabethL

    You did an excellent job of providing some really useful information. It was a good read, thanks. I’ll be sure to share this is colleagues.

  • http://getglobalassist.com Claudia Guzman

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

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  • http://www.residerealestate.com david doucette

    jeff, what is your opinion about using our personal profile to promote our business, in a smart way i might add, versus creating a fan page for the business?

    the problem i’m having is i have alot of facebook friends and much fewer fans. and i don’t want my fans to get my content double posted to them (if they are also friends) if i post it both on my personal profile and fan page. i also don’t want friends to miss some of my business content that are not fans.

    this has stumped me for awhile. any thought?

    • Raquel

      What about organizations that want to become more known by other orgs not just individuals? Is it possible to link an organizations fan page with a personal one? What if an organization’s cause is good, but may not look as interesting online for people to want to become interested in?

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  • http://www.aboutdeangraziosi.com dean graziosi

    You have given all information in detail for marketing with social media specially Facebook.More and more people are using Facebook for marketing and their business as they know that its very easy and convenient way to connect with other people and let them know.

  • http://balsamponds.blogspot.com Carol

    I have to say I have stopped using facebook because of that kid and college group. I found it fluffy. I might have to think about it differently after your blog. Thanks

  • Maggie Holley


    It is an interesting phenomenon that all those Parents who thought FB was juvenile..are all getting on board!

    It IS a great platform for ‘grown ups’…
    As always, a great post with solid content. :)

  • http://www.rinforsideweb.com/blog/ Rinforsideweb

    Interesting and very informative. I am now more knowledgable when it comes to optimizing my Facebook marketing campaign. Thank you for the post.

  • micvadam

    as usual good stuff well summarized in a short text!

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  • http://www.coconex.com Mark

    Great article about business and facebook. We were looking to engage a business using social media but with the business’ own identity ie its own profile and not a page or group and we just couldnt find one surprisingly. So we started our own a few days ago, just like facebook but for businesses. Your feedback would be appreciated.

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  • Jennie

    Great article. Facebook contains many resources that go untapped my most business. You should check out this article as a compliment to yours. It goes into more detail about using facebook to market with.

    “Using Facebook as a Strategic Marketing Channel”


  • http://twitter.com/commtracker CommunicationTracker

    Very well summarized. Thank you for the coverage of the multiple options. One question though: don’t you think FB is a bit weak in helping one promote the product page to potential customers? We find twitter quite good at it. Finding FB being used more for ‘friends and family’ and less for business. (Would love to be corrected here.)

  • Anonymous

    Good summary of the exposure & engagement benefits for the brands. But before small businesses rush out, they should ask: what benefits do my targets want? why do they use Facebook to begin with?

    When our agency surveyed 800 grown-ups (Gen X, baby boomers and seniors) we found that only 15% who were engaged in social networks said “Yes, I want to engage with a brand/organization thru social platforms.” The older the grown-up, the less likely they’d want to like/follow/friend you.

    Why not? Because they were motivated to get involved with social media by offline connections – family, friends and work. And connecting with these folks online is the thing they love most about social.

    To find out what the grown-ups who said “yes” or “maybe” to engaging with brands want from that relationship, I invite you to download our eBook: http://www.CreatingResults.com/SocialSilverSurfers.

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