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  • http://www.mirnabard.com Social Media Consultant

    These are all truly excellent blog posts! Thank you Jeff for always sharing great content…I love RTing your information to my followers. Keep ‘em coming…


    Mirna Bard

    • http://www.newmediacorp.co.uk Arvind Salwan

      Hi Jeff – have enjoyed many of your posts these past couple of weeks. The time difference is a good advantage!


  • http://www.supergreen.us Tiffany

    What a great list. I’m definitely checking out these articles. Thanks!

  • http://ModelSuppliesBlog.com Anita Nelson

    Fantastic, Jeff! Now we can clearly see where we should set our focus. Thank you & Happy Easter~!!!
    Anita @ModelSupplies

  • http://blog.leadernetworks.com Vanessa DiMauro

    Jeff – Thank you so much for covering the The New Symbiosis of Professional Networks study Don Bulmer and I did recently. While the study is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the overview slides can be found for free on the SNCR.org web site.
    Vanessa DiMauro

  • http://www.heathercroweduthie.com Heather

    Thanks Jeff! Another good one. Enjoying your articles more all the time! Tweeted this, keep up the good advice!

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  • http://www.actionly.com/ Sam

    Great list. Thanks for putting it together.

    http://www.actionly.com – Social Media Monitoring dashboard

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  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Thanks Clayton for the the comment. I would go and buy a lot of books and leverage your bands brand via a blog and social media also check these out

  • http://twitter.com/myrisedesign Taylor Clark

    @14c16bde5d2f55f072a75af1f916d7d7:disqus I would recommend that you not spend money on a book and learn online. There are TONS of free sources that you can find that will help you, even articles that fit your niche specifically. Using sites like bandcamp and datpiff will give you a way to build a reputation, and we all know viral marketing works but is very hit or miss as far as making it big. You can definitely expose your band, just need to make sure your name is out there as much as possible.

    Great article, like your site, #2 has got to be my favorite as it’s my most preached concept. Looks like it’s time to get another branding article out!

  • http://twitter.com/UshaSliva UshaSliva

    Great list. Love the point about videos – came across an article recently which said that videos in press releases are going to grow big…. have just got to explore that medium more! Happy new year and best wishes for 2012. Enjoy your posts and look forward to continuing reading them next year. 

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