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  • http://troubledownsouth.wordpress.com Trouble Down South and Other Stories

    I haven’t gotten into the Farmville or Mafia Wars craze, but I receive lots on invites or requests. I can see how these games affect behavior. Many of my friends on Facebook are into the games.

  • http://mikedaye.com Mike

    Not changing my spending habits, but I’ve seen how social gaming has affected others. Interesting topic.

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  • http://beatybow.wordpress.com beatybow

    Very true. Many of my Facebook friends absolutely love games. Farmville is very popular.

  • http://www.organicuniverse.com OrganicGuru

    Everyone that I know who is on FB loves playing Farmville. I can’t say I am a fan of games but if it appeals to the masses, it is smart for FB to keep adding games. It is a money maker for them.

    Club Penguin was a great tool for kids to learn responsibility. I bought a subscription for my family because I liked the concept and thought it was a safe way to introduce tech “common sense” to kids.

  • http://www.3daysinlondon.info Cindy

    goodness me! I too have had loads of Farmville and Mafia join requests but ignore them. For me they appear to be a total waste of time….but I can see the attraction and they can be quite addictive I guess (I have 2 family members who spend hours on the games). However, my particular addiction is twitter, so I cant criticise :) Interesting to note how much revenue they generate…perhaps I should invest in the companies behind the games! Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

  • http://twitter.com/modaempoesia Moda Em Poesia

    Reflection about Jeffbulla’s article:

    Behaviour patterns may be changing/
    However there’s still consciousnes/
    Common sense must be prevailing/
    Will the virtual world be endless?

  • Anonymous

    I am with you on the gaming on Facebook. I absolutely DETEST IT! It has got to the point that I have BLOCKED the applications only to find that new ones are created and my notifications are still be filled with game requests.

    As a marketer though, especially in Social Media and Search Engine Marketing, I have to stop and think about this. I have to consider the true power and potential that these games have.

    I have a FB account and a Twitter account, but why would I ignore Farmville who has a following that is equal to one of the same accounts? I would be ignorant, or at least in my mind not that smart! I really have my head turning on this and how I could use this for my business model. Great Post. You got my 2 thumbs up.

    (Suggestion: Add DiggDigg Word Press Plugin if you are not already using it. Allow users to share on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, and maybe a few other sites. I am currently rethinking if I have too many on my blog, but check it out. http://allenresha.com)

  • http://twitter.com/himachhag hima chhag

    I don’t like playing virtual games. But i have seen lots of people mad about it !!
    So the figures you have said in this article are not surprising.
    But obviously, great information.