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  • http://www.scottmoroney.com Scott Moroney

    Essentially, Facebook has very simply become the next in a line of mediums (newspapers, radio, TV, web, FB, ?) to go where the consumer eye is focused. I agree it is the most compelling of the mediums since it reconnects with the past and keeps you in touch. Is it essentially a fountain of youth? How much of the commenting on FB is geared to “war stories” and “hey I can’t believe you did XYZ in college”. As a marketer, this is a gold mine. As a user it is just fun and getting more and more integrated into the fabric of our lives. Look out Google and Yahoo.

  • http://blog.esimplestudios.com Gabriele Maidecchi

    I was reading an article by Guy Kawasaki this morning that reminded me of another reason Facebook is a good business tool: for the simplicity with which you can setup a fan page for a product (in this case, a new book) without the need of setting up a whole website for it or modifying your existing one.
    With Facebook built-in tools the process of starting a new “part” of your business is streamlined provides an almost-realtime way to get traffic to your brand.

  • http://marketingassassin.wordpress.com Rene Power

    Another great post Jeff. Though lots of people are talking about Facebook and business, few are doing it, and even less are doing it well because of the complexity of facilitating and driving brand engagement in an essentially social network.

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