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  • http://www.itseeze-reading.co.uk Charlotte Keenan

    I keep telling my clients that it’s video, video and video that you need to think of to help market your business. So using a blog and seeing these differet styles will help re-inforce the message.

  • http://www.electric-sewingmachine.com Caroline J

    Another really useful posting. I have created a few simple videos because I do think this is a great medium to learn/show/build trust etc. On one hand all these things are so interesting to be learning, but there’s so much to do. Still, keeps me off the streets, I guess

  • http://joecascio.net JoeCascio

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned personality. Nothing matches video for making a personal connection with people. But If you’re stiff, self conscious, obviously uncomfortable or read from a script, you’re not going to do well with internet video. People who do well with video are naturally outgoing, relaxed, and have the gift of gab.

    Plus, you should keep in mind that for every minute of video you actually put up on the net, you will spend at least 10 minutes editing.

    The single most important technical detail about making good video is GOOD AUDIO. You can be all the things I mentioned above, but if people can’t hear you, it’s a huge turn-off. So, don’t go overboard with background music and if you’re serious, invest in a good microphone and a camera with an external mic input.

    Finally, Steve Garfield’s “Get Seen” is a must-read book for anyone planning to do video. http://www.amazon.com/Get-Seen-Secrets-Building-Business/dp/0470525460 For $15, it’s a bargain way to learn the details that really count.

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  • http://www.huntingwithpixels.com.au Robert Moorman

    Superb content, good work Jeff! Video is a great tool for increasing brand recognition and creating a meaningful connection with your audience, but video by itself isn’t the Silver Bullet. Content is still king, and video is no exception. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.constructionmarketinguk.co.uk Peter L Masters

    Thanks for this Jeff, everyone is saying video is getting (is already) BIG and you’ve kindly explained how and why.

    So many companies can benefit from video but don’t even realise it!!

    As you’ll see on my blog, I really consider ( http://wp.me/p1fPZU-or ) the consumer KING now, content is Queen and I guess that puts Video in as a very favourable Jack.

    Hey, Jeff, you’ve inspired me (again!) and I like that, video is Jack and therefore we’re now heading towards a royal flush! Maybe links are Ace? What do you think Jeff??

  • Dominicslife

    great article! i soon hope to have my channel out there and your information helps alot thanks!

    feel free to vist http://www.youtube.com/dominicslife

  • http://www.kevinteast.com Kevin East

    Great post, Jeff. I am about to begin using video interviews on my blog. This is really helpful to see a few different examples.

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  • http://twitter.com/GregChirinian Greg Chirinian

    Great Post, Video is a vital component of marketing it lets people see who you are and builds up a trust factor which is crucial for survival nowadays.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Lockwood-Schott/668246531 Pamela Lockwood Schott

    I agree with @3e2808f28b11124b6b46090f02bf7f34:disqus, and would add that (audio note aside — it has to be great quality) your first 10 or 20 videos or whatever will probably be stiff and unnatural feeling until you get comfortable. Rather than edit and tweak and agonize over the details, I would advise that newbies just keep getting content out there. It gets better with time, the audience is forgiving, and if you don’t start because you’re overly concerned with getting it just right, you’re going to miss out.

    Thanks for the post, Jeff!

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  • http://dontloseyourdayjob.com/ Clark Kent

    I agree. As more and more people move away from digesting text, video will help spread one’s message across the World Wide Web. I cannot wait to get our shows off the ground!

  • http://dontloseyourdayjob.com/ Clark Kent

    I agree. As more and more people move away from digesting text, video will help spread one’s message across the World Wide Web. I cannot wait to get our shows off the ground!

  • http://twitter.com/juliacoaching Julia Skeesick

    This is something I am on the verge of developing so this article was a timely find. Very good point about the abilty to convey personality as well as emotion in a way not possible in text

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  • sebastian

    Thanks Jeff, this post offers a lot of reinforcement for video blogging. One of my friends in Vancouver is also thinking about taking on the same strategy:
    Tyler Volker I’ve seen a huge surge of traffic from Realtor videos and I think all realtors should do this.

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