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  • http://kristinasaric.com/ Kristina

    I would peg that for a spam comment,, lol

  • http://amondpeak.com Robert Voogel

    Interesting article and nice overview! What puzzles me is how Leigh Fazzina (3.) was able to sent out a tweet from the woods without cell phone reception?

    • Kevin

      Robert, your phone reception is different from your data connection. There are often areas where I have poor phone reception but a good data connection, and vice-versa.

      • http://twitter.com/LeighFazzina Leigh Fazzina

        Yes, this is correct. Thx for explaining this.

  • http://www.uassist.me Ed

    I figured the World Cup would be here! However, Leigh Fazzina’s story is quite shocking, quite interesting. I’m glad Twitter works for these kind of things as well.

  • Boris

    Could someone explain to me how Leigh Fazzina didn’t have cell phone reception but still managed to have internet access?…

    • http://www.facebook.com/themodernbusinessconsultant Monique Nelson

      I was wondering that too…

    • anniee

      Oh my God! I should join Twitter! What if it’s me one of these days?! I could get lost or something…

    • http://www.dotcalm.blog-city.com Sophmom

      A call from a cell phone goes once. If it fails, it’s over. A tweet sent as a text message is a much smaller packet of data and will continue it’s effort at sending until it gets through.

      • http://twitter.com/LeighFazzina Leigh Fazzina

        Yes this 100% correct. Because I work in communications and social media communications, I was aware of this and this is why I also went this route (as opposed to Facebook). I knew Twitter would get me an instant connection and my Twitter following would hear me immediately. Additionally, I work in healthcare communications. Most of the people I am connected to on Twitter are healthcare professionals… physicians, nurses, therapists, pharmaceutical marketers and social media professional, pharmacists, etc. I knew they would take my cry for help seriously – and within seconds. And with that, one of the folks who was responsible for getting me rescued was a 4th year medical student. I was in shock, and when he was communicating with my via tweets, I felt relieved… He actually kept me calm.

  • http://twitter.com/LeighFazzina Leigh Fazzina

    Jeff, thanks for covering this.

    @Boris, to answer your question – read the below. I took this directly from a recap post I made on my website.

    [One question that remains fuzzy for some is how was I able to get an Internet connection on my mobile phone but not able to make a phone call? When USA Today covered the story on August 3, 2010, they spoke to David Redl, Director of Regulatory Affairs at CTIA – The International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry. David was quoted saying “that in areas with spotty cell phone coverage it’s not unusual to be able to send instant messages or messages through the internet.” What was explained to me by the reporter, Liz Szabo, who covered the story is that simply put, on a mobile phone, a phone call “connection” requires a large amount of bandwidth and strength whereas a text message, instant message or internet connection requires very little. This is why the UberTwitter application I use on my Blackberry worked in this situation. Additionally, Twitter is a tool that I use in my day-to-day job, and the UberTwitter application on my phone is up, open and running live on my home screen at all times.]

    The technology side of this has been covered many times over by the Red Cross and emergency preparedness response groups, and even FEMA who is now using social media tools for emergency situations.

    To read my whole story, the thank you I sent to those who helped me, and how I viewed this all, go to: http://www.leighfazzina.com/2010/12/16/making-twitters-top-10-2010-tweets/

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  • http://twitter.com/PeruEmprenddor Eddy Garcia Vega