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  • http://www.omnificdesign.com.au/ GraphicDesignMelbourne

    Hi, Jeff. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to post in your great blog. More power to you!

    - Wes -

  • Brenda

    I think this is perhaps the best example that I have seen on how to portray social media/social media marketing.  We are not supposed to be media “hypers” we are supposed to be conduits for the best information possible to people and businesses that need to have good and truthful information put out in the most unbiased way possible.

  • Kiyana

    Social media is all about information and building relationships but as long as you are not able to engage people with creativity, you’ll fast become a history as there are many competitors pouring information all over them.Thank you for the article jeff

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  • Roger Koplenig

    Hi Jeff, I found your blog on your XeeMe https://xeeme.com/JeffBullas where you mention your entire social presence.

    I agree with you, social media helps you building up trust. It is just like IRL, relationships lead to trust. Using SM only for getting your messages across is not the right way. You need to get into conversations with people and therefore you need personal profiles and people getting in touch with fans of pages for instance. Winning employees as ambassadors of your company is one possibility for getting in conversation with customers and prospects, if we talk about corporate social media.

    All the best from Austria to Australia

    http://XeeMe.com/RogerKoplenig (my social presence)

  • http://www.facebook.com/penelopesilvers.author Penelope Silvers

    People want to know that you like them, and they like you back. It’s been the same through the ages–although now it’s done on the computer. The medium is fast and furious, but you can still build relationships. “Like” attracts “like”.

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  • http://Imstilljosh.com/ Josh

    Amazing and exactly on target! I’ve built a solid social following on the “relational concept” you’ve written and it’s made the network I utilize valueable and comstantly interesting to potential partners — so this goes beyond just b2b advice… Thanks!