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  • http://blog.esimplestudios.com Gabriele Maidecchi

    The last tip about Patience is the most important one to me.
    You can tailor a social media strategy carefully selecting the right platforms and creating the right content for each of them, but without Patience you will not go too far. Unless you are particularly lucky and hit the spot with a successful viral campaign, going the “traditional” way requires a lot of time.
    It reminds me of people starting to blog to start earning money within weeks. It doesn’t really work that way most of the times.

  • Nigel Ohrum

    Jeff, have you done a piece concerning time management of social networks with respect to particular focuses (blogs, small business physical location vs, Internet, etc.)?

    @David, excellent insight and overview. I would reiterate the other comment on patience. I’m new to this industry, but no stranger to the cocept of having patience. Great thoughts.

  • http://twitter.com/gautamtandon Gautam Tandon

    100% agreed – word to word! To me Social Media is the most hyped around buzz word of current times. We all know it; We all understand it; And we all are, well at times, upset about it. I have tried to use simple techniques like “Learn about Time Management”, “Define your goals properly”, “Prioritize your activities”, etc. to make sure I don’t get addicted and glued to my facebook account all the time. I have tried to capture all that in my blog: http://blog.ellipsissolutions.com/2011/03/15/is-social-media-messing-with-your-social-life/

    Hope it will help others too.


  • http://www.agencyplatform.com Daniel

    Social media is indeed the word to utter today! There is so much to offer by these social networking sites, it is tough to even fathom. I do agree that different platforms are particularly better for different uses. In time businesses can effectively capitalize on bigger prospects.

  • http://exchange.adotube.com/intro.php Adex

    Great article, Jeff. Simple and useful. I like your last tip – it’s so difficult to be patient sometimes :) ).

  • http://twitter.com/CreativesMarket Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

     Lots of good info here. Nice job, David.

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  • http://www.redbricksmedia.com/ Media Companies In San Francis

    The money is in the details, and no matter how minor a certain aspect of your advertising seems to be, it could make a big difference with regards to the ROI and overall effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Paying attention to detail is one quality that you should consider strongly when hiring a DRTV media agency. 3. Last but not least, you want to work with a company who can give you the best possible prices on the media you buy. This is where experience really counts, because an experienced DRTV media agency will be able to get the media you need to target your specific audience most effectively. The lower you can pay for quality media, the bigger your profit margin. Quality DRTV media agencies are excellent at finding affordable TV media to increase your ROI.

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  • http://www.blogging4jobs.com/ Blogging4Jobs

    You pose a great question here David! <a href="multiplying “>Twitter is a fantastic platform for businesses. With over 2000 million users it allows content to reach farther than Facebook. Great post here! -JMM

  • http://twitter.com/binbnews BinB News

    The idea that you might get millions running at your door because they absolutely love what you do and can’t wait to get some more… tad optimistic ;)

    Reality is more likely to be, folk get bored of trying after just 3 articles, tweets, likes…We all, companies very large and small, need to engage online and be aware of how platforms can be used to engage with potential clients… more thought needs to be given to the research side of the equation which puts sales folk in a better position to know what the clients really want…

  • http://websitetrafficspecialist.com/shop/2012/03/get-thousands-of-real-unique-visitors-here/ unique visitors

    huh, facebook is more easy to do bussines..i make a lot of money through it

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  • Liad

    Thank you! great article, clear and concise. I think today, more than ever, its very important to choose the right tool for social media marketing since there is so much stuff going, its easy to get lost or just leave it aside. Another great tool I’d like to suggest is Oktopost, which is a very useful tool for b2b social media marketing and lead generation.

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  • Kimberlee Lockhart

    I work for a small business with a Twitter acct. that they do not utilize, and I’m going to use your words to try to talk them into letting me re-work it.
    I value your output. Thanks Jeff

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  • Janine Dalton

    Thanks for the practical and useful article! I love that you point out that social media costs more time than money; it seems like business owners often forget or undervalue this. Interesting stats too!
    I’m going to share this with my various networks. :)

    • Jeff Brown

      One of the most significant factors when running a successful Social Media website is to use reliable hosting

  • Jennifer Groff

    Its totally depends on your business. Using Social media the user can
    easily get traffic on their account and gain fans. When the users buy social media format they get to have amazing exposure.

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    What is #1 social media? what do you think?

  • http://essaymaxi.com/ Sara

    Social media is a new trend, which helps to grow any business: online marketing, SEO and traffic.

    I prefer to use all the possible social platforms to increase traffic and popularity of my brands.

  • Stefania

    People often overlook
    social media, because they think that their segment in the market has nothing
    to do with it. Since we live in the digital era, we have to remember that
    branding that can be easily done through social media is very important for any
    company. I would have to agree that Oktopost, that has some quirky features and
    Buffer are missing from the list. I was blown away by Buffer, I mean it is so
    comfortable to use, especially when you integrate them into Facebook and
    browser. These two definitely deserve attention. I saw that writers per hour are
    using them and tried first Buffer, then Oktopost. However I am sure all the
    platforms have something unique to offer.

  • http://google.com/ David

    Regardless of the social platform you
    choose for your company, building a large group of followers will take
    time and patience. There are two exceptions:

    Check it

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  • JohnnyDepp

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