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  • http://www.smallbizartist.wordpress.com Jeff the Small Biz Artist

    Social media has arrived and it’s here to stay. Bloggers and entrepreneurs alike should leverage the functions that social media provide (sharing, subscribing, etc) because if we were to look back at just ten years ago, people who wanted to promote a brand didn’t have access to convenient features that allow the word-of-mouth factor to multiply itself so rapidly.

    And I agree with you that businesses should engage their customers, especially so on their terms. As a freelance copywriter, I believe in the power of engaging readers and making the sales pitch interactive. Prompt them to take action by calling a number or by sharing the new information they’ve just read. Never leave a pitch in an abrupt ending.

  • http://www.brockblohm.com Brock Blohm

    “…you must listen and respond to your audience.”

    Absolutely! Relationship-building is KEY!

    Awesome stuff. Keep it up!

  • http://www.privatelabelinteractive.com/trend.html lksugarman

    Yeah, I know this smell so shameless self-promotion, but what the hay! We recognized the importance of what you’re saying in the above article and went to work to make it all make sense by integrating email, social media tools (our Twitter deck is expanding this week to Social Deck=Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) in one platform that also includes CRM tools plus lots more. 

    Sorry! I get so excited that I get carried away. Seriously, try a free trial of Venntive (http://www.venntive.com) and let me know what you think. I really want your feedback!

    Lydia Sugarman, CEO

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  • Anonymous

    As social media is become one part in business. In social sites we connect to many people and do conversation with them. And by sharing great information in the way as they want more information and for more information invite them to own email or site. Thus way by social media and email combination we can increase our site popularity also.
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