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  • Lewis Cowles

    I couldn’t disagree more…

    This is not a question of etiquette, people that find themselves blocked are usually blocked because of their own poor etiquette. I don’t know of anyone that does it immediately, unless marketed to and I think all normal people hate having a stranger trying to sell them something via e-mail, inMail, direct message etc, it’s even worse if they are just offensive for no reason.

  • Tammy Kahn Fennell

    Jeff, thank you so much for publishing this! I’ve been getting a lot of great responses on Twitter… from “it’s super cathartic to block someone” to “yep, it definitely has burned bridges for me!” I am enjoying writing this series on social etiquette. Anyone have any suggestions for my next piece?!

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  • Maria

    What happens if someone threatens you? I accidentally pinned from someone and she got so upset to the point where now she keeps posting pins with my user name calling me horrible names. I reported her yet nothing happens! I used to enjoy Pinterest I never thought there were people like this. It’s upsetting. I think what bothers me the most is they hide behind a computer screen and feel the could say whatever they want. Blocking is not enough.

    • lfhpueblo

      Click on her name in the Pin, go to her page, look for the little black flag in the middle upper portion near her name down a bit and to the right. Click on the little black flag for a drop down menu. There you should be able to block her. I’ve been blocking a lot of people lately. When people cuss at me about my posts, I don’t care if it is polite or not, I just block them. I’ve had situations the same as you on numerous occasions. I don’t mess with those people. I block them. I don’t care if it hurts those people’s feelings that I blocked them, because they are obviously trying to hurt mine by attacking in such a manner. This guys post is fine for anyone that doesn’t post anything religious in matter, or political in matter. Yet, if you do, the crazies come out and attack. I say go crazy somewhere else. I just don’t interact with them, nor do I let them clutter up my boards with their continued rants. Just block them. Find that little black flag on their main board page in the upper middle, near their name, down some and to the right. Click on it, drop down menu appears and do what you have to do to feel comfortable on your boards again. Let them post and rant on their own boards. Good Luck. I’ve been getting slammed lately by the crazies because I’m outspoken on my own pins and boards with my own opinions. However I’m not cussing or cursing, they just don’t agree with my opinions. Some people can’t handle that.

  • hello

    Ow I totally agree! Facebook has it, isn’t it so? Just do it Pinterest. ;) )