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  • Emily Bradbury

    Thanks for this Jeff! A useful insight into dealing with people stealing your content. I wasn’t aware of Host Gator, but this will definitely be a tool I will use.

    • RootsWebSol

      Hi Emily the tool is whoishostingthis I don’t think the screen shot does it justice

    • http://mysocialgameplan.com/about Jonathan Payne

      Did you read the post?

  • http://twitter.com/HarounKola Haroun Kola

    I like what Derek Sivers, Steve Pavlina et al, do with their content, and give the copyright away. Then again, they’re enlightened bloggers.

  • http://twitter.com/The_Devotea Robert Godden

    There’s been a big discussion on this amongst tea Bloggers, so I have placed a link to this article on one of the major discussion sites.- (teatra.de) Hope that is OK!

  • Catherine Singer

    This article looks full of information but I can’t find anywhere on my WordPress site to access these plugins or add them. I’m feeling pretty stupid. I am using their free site.

  • http://twitter.com/EleanorHisey Eleanor Hisey

    Thank you Jeff, I always appreciate your content – and the level of integrity that you bring to it.

  • http://antoniocalero.com/ Antonio Calero

    Excellent tips ! I knew some of them, but others were totally new.

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    Thanks for these good tips, Chris. I’m going to try the plugin you suggested. I recently had content stolen off my blog and I blogged about what I did as soon as I discovered the theft: http://www.bloggingbistro.com/what-i-did-when-someone-stole-my-blogs-content/ Notice that I now have Google Authorship installed!

  • http://www.genetica-web-solutions.com/ jovaeli

    Hi Jeff!! hope to get your feedback on this:
    What about a post giving us a couple of recommendations/tips on how to share legally an article?

    It will be great to know:
    1. How to deal with the post author when requesting an article sharing.
    2. Examples of What benefits I can offer to the author (if he allow me to share his content).
    3. What about if that author can gain traffic, clients, followers, or sales through me.
    4. What would be the conditions that an author can request in order to allow the sharing and gain the credit.

    …or I’m too far from, how it should be??

  • http://twitter.com/AprilHunter April Hunter

    Great suggestions, thank you. Thieves annoy me. We already give away our time and ideas just HAVING blogs. To be stolen from and not credited is a slap to the face.

  • http://twitter.com/claudialicher Claudia Licher

    I love idea #4: sending a special picture over… especially since you often pay for images, or you take the photo yourself. Not nice to have those stolen.

  • http://twitter.com/ArtilleryMarket Douglas Burdett

    Thanks, Jeff – how do you determine if a site is quality or not (#7 above)? Is there a tool you use perhaps?

  • Richard Hamer

    Pretty much had my entire website pinched word for word a few years back from someone I nearly did some work with. I’ve since changed my content but my original is still on his website. I could post the link…

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    You will not stop them so it shouldn’t stop you creating great unique content! :)

  • http://www.genetica-web-solutions.com/ jovaeli

    Hi Chris!! Great! This is very interesting!! …I think that, may be, if I don’t have a great traffic, the blogger will not want to allow the “post sharing”.

    …so, maybe, “paying a fee” and/or article link access (or home page) are the best options to request a “post sharing”.

    Thanks for your reply!!!! I’ll really take this in consideration!!!

  • Canuck Sailor

    As a writer and jouralist, I want to thank you for these tips – there were several I was unaware of. I’ve had several occasions where my work has been stolen and unless it is clear it is innocent, I react in one way – viciously. I contact the site owner if possible, the ISP and whomever else I can and demand that the material be taken off immediately. I start firm and rapidly become unpleasant because that’s what these people deserve.

    And, since it’s usual that these thieves have other people’s material as well, I attempt to inform others who are being victimized. Often, when an ISP gets numerous complaints, they get rid of the offending client.
    Someone below asked about ‘legally’ sharing an article. There are issues on fair comment, fair use and attribution, a longish and technical/legal discussion. Most professional writers will accept a couple of sentences being used, perhaps a paragraph, with a citation plus a link back to the original material for those interested in reading it in its entirety.

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  • Deepak Arora

    Thanks for the lovely post Chris, I have also written on similar topic on my blog, though I have suggested ping-o-matic for the pinging. Image hot linking, post interlinking and google authorship as a way to stop content scraping are even new to me. Take a look at my post and let me know what you think


    Will be waiting for your thoughtful comment on the post

    Thanks and Regards
    Deepak Arora

    • RootsWebSol

      Thanks Deepak

      Some good ideas in that post ;)

  • RootsWebSol

    Hey Nicholas

    I have a few image related tools in my bookmarks


  • RootsWebSol

    No problem Carol I hope these tools help you in the future

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  • http://www.alphacomputer.ca/wpactc Jeff Brown

    This post is a keeper Jeff. I like how you set your thoughts down. Some really great points to mull over and DO. Thanks for all the great insight :-) @4JeffBrown


    nice article thanks, i have added so many scripts etc to my blog to prevent copying, but in the end, nothing is full proof


    what i really want to learn to do is prevent copying of my blog photos. would love a script for that. http://www.honestopinionsurveys.blogspot.com

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