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  • Kimberly Gurrea

    I totally agree. It is very important to be in tune with our audience, know what they are talking about. we should create content based on their interests. we need to make the connection through conversations. Public Relations and marketing should collaborate to reach the audience and mapped to the customer decision.

  • http://www.casmccullough.com/ Cas McCullough

    Great post Susanna, I couldn’t agree more!

  • http://twitter.com/madlemmingz Mad Lemmings

    Wow. I think I need to read that three more times. SO much fantastic info on one of the most current topics we all know Content and Content Marketing. I start to see more and more people saying the same things and they sink in. Solve your customer’s problems for example.
    Great post.

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  • http://www.brittanybotti.com/ Brittany Botti

    Great post! Your first point reminded me of this little H. J. Heinz notebook I found in my great grandmother’s cookbook from around the 1940′s…it’s just a simple notebook with Heinz branding, and some recipes at the bottom of each page. Content marketing is definitely not a new concept.

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  • George Bruce

    Great article, we agree on many points. Here are my ten basic/basic paths to Content Success

    1. Content fails when it makes the cardinal mistake of not knowing what to say to whom. It can fail merely by missing the very basics of communication.

    Don’t be in a hurry, lead me gently but surely to the end product.

    2. General data, even if it’s smart, trendy and has snappy titles or phrases, will remain on the page to the extent that the audience does not find itself included.

    3. Not many writers and content providers survey the various groups that comprise a market in significant depth and are simply not prepared to develop content into conversation.

    4. Reality is not cognitive, it is the product of agreement. How can I get you to agree if I have no idea how you think, what you like or dislike?

    5. Without agreement the words are just sawdust. The words, colors, pictures, bullets, features/benefits and sensitivities must rhyme with the audience. So, you have to test them, try them on members of that audience.

    6. A survey of ten people is a waste of time, as far as content goes. You have to survey enough to have a broader sense of the limits of those words, pictures, bullets, etc. “General” pictures and throwaway phrases lose more readers than you can imagine.

    7. Optimized keywords work great if they are connected to tested, well designed communication, graphics and pictures. Just getting the prospect to your website is not enough, you have to usher them into the conversation. Relevance and reality (agreement), are two very different subjects.

    8. Content goes both ways. It has to present the offering and the “offerer“ in an acceptable, trustworthy capsule. I may like what you say but may have doubts about the company or group saying it.

    9. Content needs positioning. How else do you make yourself familiar and create trust if you can’t associate, identify or distance your product, service or company from the rest?

    10. Content is not a paragraph or an article, it is a process. Start at the start and don’t stop until the above nine aspects are accounted for within the content. Close with the close. The key is surveys, lots of them, start today!

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  • GaryBSOie

    Great article as always Jeff. I’m glad you referred to bringing things back somewhat to good common sense and what is actually right for your own particular business – ie your audience.

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  • http://www.BrandInsightBlog.com John Furgurson

    You’re right, there’s a lot of crappy content out there, and many misconceptions. My personal favorite… that advertising isn’t content. Advertising is one of those old forms – like Brittany points out below. It’s also the most entertaining form, which is great for engagement. Look what Flo does for Progressive. Or the Old Spice Man. Those ideas produce a constant flood of great content.