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  • raindancefestival

    Great article and your tips and pointers are very relevant to filmmakers who need to strive harder to bring their onine movies (ie VoD) to audiences, both core and mainstream. Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

  • http://www.danyan2001us.com/ Roldan Jugan

    very informative and helpful. Thanks for sharing your wisdom

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  • http://90DayEntrepreneur.com/ Brandon Schaefer

    The area in which I see the most benefit, is connecting with the infuencers. When done effectively, you can really get some rapid growth and expansion for your message that you’re looking to share.

  • Dan Ang

    While its true that we should not neglect the other side of the audience, its also true to select your audience. No business can satisfy everybody. Theres bound to be some groups of people we will be neglecting along the way. Thats perfectly fine as long as you are building up the trust of the target audience. Because your followers will help to spread your message and cause.

    to success!
    Dan Ang

  • Vinita Dhondiyal

    Useful piece. Wonder if there are mathematical models available to understand blogging success

    • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

      “Wonder if there are mathematical models available to understand blogging success”

      Yes, there are. But I doubt they could be integrated into successful blogging strategies. Think of every blogging topic as a horse race. In every horse race you’re only going to get 1 winner; on rare occasions you may get 2.

      These are the power laws that govern human interest and activity. That is why it’s so important to carve out a special niche for yourself, so that you can win at least your own horse race.

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  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Most people liked New Coke so much they bought up all the OLD Coke as quickly as possible, and then when they had Coke Classic and New Coke to pick from after Coke Classic was brought back to the marketplace, most people still bought Coke Classic. That is why New Coke was retired. Not because a core audience killed it but because too few people bought it.

  • http://www.weightloss-dietprogram.com/ Igor Katušić

    Paid traffic cannot be ignored in any circumstances, especially if you want that “mainstream” audience, even though I found that term not to be particularly correct. “Mainstream” audience is the type of audience which will “hook” on a quality add placed in a strategic place within the SERP or SN’s ads section and other well placed quality “pitch”.

    That means the “mainstream” audience is simply the “core” audience just discovering you via payed ad or some other source – nothing more. Think of it as the conveyor bay with thousands of different elements that seek their way in a proper box aside the main conveyor bay. Your particular niche is just one of the potential boxes. Every now and then, a single element or a group of those elements will make a stop at your box. Your job is to make your box more appealing so you would get more “pit stops”.

    And that can be done ONLY by providing a quality information. You need to answer the question and if your answer is correct or satisfying to say the least, targeted group will “hook” and you’ll have your audience, already in a pre-selling mode, all warmed up for your sales efforts or other income generator.

    At the end, all is in vain (payed traffic, hooking with the “influencers” and every other attempt) if you fail to provide a quality information. Because you need to remember – internet is all about providing the visitor with the information. It’s not here to “bake the cake”; it’s here to provide a quality information of “how to bake a cake”.

    P.S. Forums are still the great place to find those core followers – the fans.

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  • Jackson Graham

    I think that social media is vital for companies to market on. It’s free and can be a huge asset to your company if done correctly. You can target your audience this way and see your results immediately. I really enjoyed reading your article. Another one that I thought was helpful regarding social media for business is http://motionborg.net/benefits-business-using-social-media/

  • http://www.paraphrasingmatters.com/ Chris Gayle

    Is your content marketing campaign cruising toward failure? Have you … And so, it began: Content marketing without a purpose, plan, or goal.

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