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  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    Great post Jeff. One thing I’m being intentional about this year is the editorial calendar. These past three years I’ve just blogged about whatever I thought was interesting without a clear plan, not this year! I’m working on a plan for my blogging for the rest of the year, getting more focused.

    • Jake Parent


      Thanks for the comment. Sometimes getting focused is the hardest part. I know when I have a million ideas swirling around, I can lose focus. The constraint of an editorial calendar can be really useful.

      What kind of system are you using to plan out your year?

      • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

        I’m looking at where I want my readers to end up at by the end of 2014, so each week I’ll lay out a different step/tip to help get them there.

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  • http://www.WomanInLeadership.com/ Stacie Walker

    Love the post, Jeff. Absolutely incredible. I’m so ready to change up the “game” and continue to connect with my audience on a deeper level. Keep on inspiring:)

    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

  • http://WorkWithEyram.com/ eyram (http:WorkWithEyram.com)

    Hi Jake, you did very well with this post. Your style of writing fits in so well with Jeff’s writing style that, many readers of this post will actually think Jeff wrote it. Kudos. I am sure you have read Jeff;s blog’s for years to know his style.

    I will like to reiterate the point that we should integrate the customer in our entire process. This is so crucial. Our business should be customer-centric. People will give up anything for what they consider as their own

    • Jake Parent

      Wow, thanks for that seriously high praise!

      Totally agree with you. I strongly believe that this year those businesses that aren’t doing just that are going to be seriously (and unexpectedly in many cases) hurt.

      The time to get ready is right now!

  • http://www.productiveinsights.com/ Ash

    Hi Jake. Excellent post. I really like the points about focusing on a world defined niche and getting emotional. As a matter of fact I am facing a specific challenge in this regard.

    I have a blog about productivity and mindfulness (www.productiveinsights.com) but am finding it increasingly difficult to create content that is emotionally charged and unforgettable around these two specific topics.

    I often find myself wondering if I should move towards personal development/self-improvement which is the ‘parent niche’ and is contradictory to your advice to focus on a well defined niche.

    But somehow mindfulness and productivity don’t elicit the same emotional response as self improvement or personal development. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  • BruceTheBlog

    Useful content, and now a word about style: OUT. What’s with it? As in its totally superfluous and clumsy use when attached like a leech to verbs for no good reason: ie, map out, list out, seek out, plan out. It’s a written hiccup that only gets in the way. It’s first cousin to the infamous, equally superfluous “back;” you know, “back” in 2010. Out, damn out! Get off my back! Anally yours, The Grammar Geek

    • http://www.jermaineyoung.com Jermaine Young

      This information really helped me “out” ;-) .

  • MarcFarron


    • Jake Parent

      Thanks Marc! Glad you enjoyed it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001306884464 Eli J. Pacheco

    The idea of engagement becoming more important should excite all of us. We have much to say, but when the change becomes a conversation, we also have much to listen to. Excellent stuff.

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  • Arpit

    Great tips…… It will help me to improve content marketing strategies. Thanks

    • Jake Parent

      Glad it helped! Would love to hear how you see it fitting in with what you are doing.

  • Akash Agarwal

    Content Marketing means creating and sharing valuable
    free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers
    into repeat buyers. Thanks for sharing these nice tips on content

    • Jake Parent

      All true, with one added step…. The most valuable part of content marketing is turning customers into evangelists!

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  • http://oviscreative.com/ Matt Financial Marketer

    Marketing professionals must take note these tips. Content marketing is one of the most engaging marketing strategies nowadays. So write content like its your last article.

  • Chris Hussein Finnie

    Excellent piece Jake!

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  • Nathan Brook

    Thanks so much for your information about blogging. It’s new to me, but after reading your article, I’m going to try to create a blog account.

  • http://www.puppii511.com/ Marsha Mann

    I read some great stuff from you. I’m glad we’re connected!

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  • Gates S.

    Super great article