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  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    Great tips Josh. The only thing I would say is yes, study your competition but don’t copy them, add your own unique spin. Too many people copy those that are successful, expecting the same results, it usually doesn’t work out that way. I like how these tips are very practical.

    • http://blog.flightmedia.co/ Josh Coffy

      I completely agree with that as well! I’m saying to minimize time spent reinventing the wheel and learn from their mistakes. That can be done without copying them 100%. They are definitely practical, but effective! ;)

      • http://motivideos.com/ Ivan Nelson

        Josh, thanks for these no nonsense tips! Learning from others’ mistakes is indeed critical to creating successful YouTube marketing. After all, isn’t research where all marketing starts?

        • http://blog.flightmedia.co/ Josh Coffy

          Absolutely, Ivan. Good ole’ R&D!

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  • http://www.agentredefined.com/ George “El Guapo” Cuevas

    I love it, thanks for sharing this story. We have been using YouTube for just over a year and it’s truly helped our business. Now that we have more experience in creating better videos with improved video/audio and calls to action we want to accomplish this also. Thanks again, it gives added motivation..

    • http://blog.flightmedia.co/ Josh Coffy

      That’s good to hear, George! What is your channel? I’d love to see it! Also- improving gear along the way also greatly increases returning viewers and improves subscribe rates. Like content marketing- quality over quantity! :)

  • Martyne Tolbert

    Great post! I truly appreciate all of the tips you have shared! You have inspired me to get my plans in order and follow your recommendations! Thanks!

    • http://blog.flightmedia.co/ Josh Coffy

      Rock it, Martyne. :) (And let me know your progress on Twitter!)

  • aninagy

    Great lesson to learn, thanks for sharing!

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  • http://thetopfivepercent.com/ Stephen W. Anderson

    Consistency I think is the key to almost everything. I like the way you announce what your release schedule is going to be, then deliver on that. In business, I think that actually doing what you say you are going to do is as important as what you actually do.

    I hear more and more about how important YouTube is becoming as medium for promotion, and honestly I had not seriously thought about it until reading this article. Hmm, thanks, Josh, sounds like I have some homework for this week.

    • http://blog.flightmedia.co/ Josh Coffy

      Yes! Especially for you, Stephen. The finance education realm is huge on Youtube.

      Fun story: I got my series 6 when I was 19 and posted a (cheasy) video on dividend investing a few years ago. It is now one of the top videos on Youtube for ‘Dividend Investing’, has about 33k views, and I actually make $30-$40/mo off it for the ads I run.

      I’ve generated roughly 300 subscribers from the single video and got several hundred comments on it. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I had time to post 1-2 times per week….

      • http://thetopfivepercent.com/ Stephen W. Anderson

        If you had had the time, your life might be a lot different now

  • Leah Lambart

    Very helpful! People charge a lot of money for these tips, so thanks for giving it away free!

    • http://blog.flightmedia.co/ Josh Coffy

      Haha Thanks, Leah! Maybe I should start a Youtube consulting business. ;)

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  • Tom Fairhall

    Great tips Im just learning how to post pre recorded videos on google hangouts so this will be a great resource thanks

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  • subrotog51

    Great tips Josh. The only thing I would say is yes, study your competition but don’t copy them, add your own unique spin.


  • http://girlonthebike.com/ girlonthebike

    Hi Josh, great list!!

    I’d add that to the list: Don’t wait for the perfect launch cause there is no such a thing. Start making and posting that FIRST scary video, and keep doing it consistently. My first video took almost my 1 year in a day of frustration, and I only improved them after I started actually posting.

    If anyone thinking to start, just do it! And then start experiencing, learning and improving!

    Also, let me know what you think about my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/theGirlOnTheBike

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  • https://twitter.com/eireee17 Ξiree’Ξ LΞIgh

    good tips

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  • http://socialfollowerlikes.com/ Susan Stencil

    I also like all of the above strategy which you share and I already applied it. In another way I use social media marketing techniques to get youtube subscribers fast. I contact this company which will give me some of targeted followers and likes for my project. http://socialfollowerlikes.com/youtube-subscribers/

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  • Jeannette Hon

    these are great tips though its so hard to be consistent and very very hard to come up with content! please watch my stuff and let me know what else i can do! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0GbAUqhdYc