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  • http://larabritt.com/ Lori Tian Sailiata

    Thanks, Jawad! Very clear and actionable advice. I’m posting this to a Google Plus group I manage. My writer friends can’t hear your #1 enough! A professional blog is not a confessional journal. It’s a place to get valuable feedback from your audience who wants to buy your work. Also as I’m in Jon Morrow’s Guest Blogging Apprenticeship Program, your #2 more than hits home. Hope to see more of you around the web. Thanks, Jeff, for giving Jawad a platform for these great ideas.

    • http://www.writingmydestiny.com/ Jawad Khan

      Thanks a lot Lori!

      Good to know you’re learning from Jon. He’s certainly one of the top guys when it comes to guest blogging.

  • http://timothymaina.com/ Timothy Maina

    Love this article Jeff, it’s actionable & straight to the point. The only thing I’d like to add is treat yourself as a brand.

    I know that seems obvious especially from this article’s title however most professionals don’t realize that they are brands & this leads them to ignore and not value their personal brands.

    Once articulate and carefully curated, your brand will propel your career.

    • http://www.writingmydestiny.com/ Jawad Khan

      Couldn’t agree more :)


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  • http://www.socialsinergy.com/ Adam Dukes

    Great post, Jawad! Yes, #1 is so important, I find a lot of marketing “consultants” use direct mail and/or cold calling to sell online services. Just makes no sense to me. I have had success with cold emailing in the past, but might use some of your tips. Again, 5 great tips that are very actionable to implement.

    • http://www.writingmydestiny.com/ Jawad Khan

      No matter what type of marketing and business development strategy you adopt, but you first need to have a solid blog to build your brand.


  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    This is a great strategy and one that I used to go from day job I hated to be fully supported by my writing, speaking and coaching. I think they key is figuring out your target audience, most people think they know but aren’t specific enough.

    • http://www.writingmydestiny.com/ Jawad Khan

      Thanks Kimanzi – Focus is the key!

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  • guptaabhijit318

    tips. I definitely apply these events to do social media. Thanks for sharing
    such useful social media tips. It’s a great article for me.

  • http://www.brand.com/blog Sophie Tran

    No matter what ventures or directions any professional may pursue, having a strong personal brand seems to be the #1, single most important thing.

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Thanks for your comment Sophie. Yes, building a strong personal brand is vital and doing it online provides powerful leverage!

      • http://www.brand.com/blog Sophie Tran

        Adding on to our points about the importance of a strong online brand is the importance of confirming a strong online persona with a strong character in person.

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  • http://brigitte-kobi.com/blog Brigitte Kobi

    I simply love this article. It gave me some great inspirations I will think about in the course of the next days in order to find out what to do in what way in order to make it fitting for my purpose. Have wonderful weekend and thanks a lot.

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